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We are a group of SINGLE parents enjoying the great outdoors with our children. We organise long weekends away that are children and parent friendly, in beautiful and not too remote locations. Therefore, you will not always require a 4wd to join in. It is about having a break from "Civilization " and experiencing nature, mostly away from crowded caravan parks, so some locations may require a certain degree of self sufficiency.

In winter there may be some events booked at caravan parks / chalets or other types of accommodation for those that do not enjoy the colder weather or wetter elements but still want to get out and about and enjoy the groups company.

Our expectation is that everyone will behave responsibly and respectfully toward all members, whilst being mindful and considerate at events where alcohol is consumed and where children are present. This includes giving other children food. Please DO NOT give other children food as some have severe allergies. You may also need to remind your children of this so they too do NOT give other children food.

This is an INCLUSIVE group. We are all about including all members, even those that are not necessarily similar to ourselves. We all have some things in common. Camping, the love of nature and the appreciation of family! Also, knowing what it feels like to join a group for the first time, knowing no-one. Please always be warm, welcoming and open to all members.

It is expected that as adults we accept differences are bound to occur and behaviour designed to exclude or create cliches is kept to a minimum.

In order for our Parents and Children to feel safe and secure in this group (which is paramount) joining is only permitted if you currently have children who are under the age of 18yo, otherwise your membership request will be denied. We too, have a zero tolerance for drugs.

Please add a current clear photo of yourself to your membership so we know who you are, and also complete the questionnaire so we know the details of your children's ages and genders.

If you RSVP to an event and can not attend, please amend your RSVP as soon as you are aware of your change of attendance, this shows respectful group etiquette.

In some instances events and activities will be pre-planned and meeting times and locations will be set. If you do not meet at said locations by set allocated time and do not advise the organiser(s) of that event, you can not complain if the group do not wait for you. It is hard for organiser's to suit everyone's needs. You need to be responsible and accountable for yourself.

Dogs are not welcome to join us camping. This is for a couple of reasons. One being that we go to state and national forests at times where dogs are not permitted by law. Also, we do not want any incidents of children (or adults) being bitten by a dog. Lets be honest some kids poke and hurt animals, and the animal reacts. Not all dogs are trained and well not all children are trained either! So we won't place either the animal or child in that situation. We LOVE dogs, but this isn't the best place for them with so many different types of children and scenarios.

It is expected that only SINGLES join this group, therefore if you are married, attached, de facto etc you are ineligible to join. This is NOT a dating site so if your intentions are solely in search for a partner, this group is not for you. This group is about parents spending quality time bonding with their children and other like minded families.

We look forward to meeting you.

Welcome to our camping family.


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