Sister Soul Divine Women's Circle

Sister Soul Divine Women's Circle
Sister Soul Divine Women's Circle
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Ferguson St · Maylands

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Sister Soul........women's circles are the new girl's night out! Ready to trade your usual plans for something a little more soulful?

You see, us ladies thrive on feminine energy. It’s what lights us up and inspires us. Back in the day when we were surrounded by our tribe, women worked together. Nowadays one is perceived to go at it alone. And you may notice that if you go weeks without seeing your soul sisters, you feel off. That’s because our soul craves that nurturing, feminine energy. In fact, we need it in order to be our fullest, most wholehearted divine selves. We are hard wired for soul-to-soul connection.

I invite you to our sharing circle.
A sacred, grounded and practical space for women to meet without the masks and the many hats that we wear on a daily basis. We will sit in circle for the first hour where everyone has the opportunity to share around a topic. Raw treats, fresh fruit and chocolate is passed around to snack on whilst we talk and laugh.

What is said in the Circle, stays in the Circle.

• What to bring
Dress comfortably, come as you are, we will be seated on the floor with cushions so you may like to bring an additional cushion

• Important to know
$15 per person payable on the day......please bring correct money as I rarely have enough change!

Circles fill a need that even girlfriends can't, and it seems they're growing because many women are finding themselves without strong social support networks. Research shows that as a whole, our social connections are declining. We live in a very individualistic culture, where everyone is doing their own thing and is on their own schedule. And that's to say nothing of the screen you're currently communicating with. You've no doubt experienced the classic quandary, in which technology has made us simultaneously more connected and disconnected than ever before; 1,000 friends on Facebook doesn't necessarily translate to a shoulder to cry on during a rough patch. And the mere presence of a mobile phone drags down the quality of face-to-face interactions, according to a study published in the journal Environment and Behaviour. Plus, between personal and work demands and our 'always-on' culture, there are blurry boundaries between work and our personal lives—making us often feel more isolated from others. And that's a problem, because a sense of social connection is one of our fundamental human needs. I am witness to a level of disconnection going on in society right now. A lot of us find ourselves with not many friends, or we have people who we can't be ourselves with.

WHO THIS IS FOR? This space is for anyone who identifies with being a woman and who wants to connect more with like-minded and like-hearted women. A women’s circle provides a deep well that feeds and sustains our life force energy as women – a well of vitality and inspiration from which we can draw creativity, vision, soul practice well after the sessions have come to a close.

Being in a Circle is different from having a group of friends that gets together. Your friends might know you a certain way, but as you grow, you change, and they might not see that or be comfortable with that. A lot of times you're not able to fully be yourself because of these old ways.

But in the Circle, you show up as you.