The Gathering: “Claim Your Desire”

What we'll do

You are worthy of having what you want, sister … it’s time to get in touch with what lights you up and brings you joy and pleasure at this month’s circle gathering.

You are worthy and deserving, sister.

You may have been taught that it is selfish and indulgent to ask for what you want.

But the opposite is true.

What you WANT and what you NEED is important.
Your desires matter.
Your desires are sacred.
Your desires are the access to your pleasure.
Your desires are your birthright as a woman.

So what is it that you desire?

Do you know and are afraid to claim for yourself?
Or are you not sure what it is that you really want?

At this month’s circle, you have full permission to claim your desires, indulge in your pleasure and embody your sensuality.

Come to circle and experience:

* MEDITATION to experience the beauty in yourself, in nature and in the divine feminine surrounding you

* MOVEMENT to embody your sensuality, feeling alive and vibrant in your own skin

* INTIMATE SHARING with sisters to become present to your deepest desires so they are open and available for you to receive

* RITUAL to release the old programming that says you are selfish, too much or not enough

* CEREMONY to connect with your 5 senses and indulge in a sensory experience that leaves you intoxicated with pleasure

The feminine is juicy, magnetic, and full of pleasure. The feminine is intoxicating in her scent, her movement, her beauty.

You are the feminine.
We are the feminine.

Together, we will reclaim our birthright and live a life of peace, passion and pleasure.

Space is limited … Save your seat in circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.


(( All ticket sales are final ))

This month we have the beautiful Lisa Page joining us in circle
More about Lisa:
Lisa Page is an international teacher, author, and transformational leader who has explored the deeper truths of love, spirituality and sexuality for over twenty years. She works with women and couples from around the world and has taught live workshops in Australia, USA, Asia, NZ, UK and Europe.

Lisa is a published poet in a ground-breaking book by world renowned mystic Andrew Harvey called Diamond Cutters – Visionary Poets in America, Britain and Oceania, and is also the co-author of Picture Them Naked. She is also the creator of programmes such as ‘Life, Love & Intimacy’, ‘Breathe Baby Breathe’ and ‘Sacred Shadow Work for the Feminine’.

As a sacred intimacy teacher Lisa has been most profoundly influenced by her work with best-selling author, David Deida over the last 11 years. The somatic and psychological aspect of Lisa’s work comes from a 4-year diploma in Dru Yoga Therapy, deep women’s work, and a Masters in Neurological Re-patterning, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Performance Coaching. Lisa has also done additional psychology training with legendary Jungian Analysist and author of ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Lisa is devoted to the embodiment of Love and is committed to living what she teaches in her life and intimate relationship of 12 years.