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Self development is about 'developing yourself' so that you (a) make progress and (b) can meet the challenges of real life without breaking stride. That is the essence of this training. Being real. Being emotionally robust. Building spiritual muscle.

The "Real Self Development" Program is a variety of events you can participate in. From 1 day classes, short courses, weekend workshops, field trips, 'spiritual pep talks', meetings-over-coffee... and for those who so choose, private consultations.

When it comes to self development, natural health and spirituality, Brendan 'tells it like it is'. He has a way of 'talking you out of your problems' and pointing you toward a better life. Do be warned however, there is no 'new age fluff' in these classes. Only straight talk, personal responsibility and exploring topics that actually matter to your life.

There are many topics of interest that Brendan covers.

Some of these include -

• PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY and self development for real life - This series of teachings teaches you to let go of your illusions about spirituality and to train as a potent, effective human being. If spirituality is not about developing leadership and the skills to face real life, then what is it good for?

• PRACTICE OF PRESENCE - 60 secs to learn, an hour to explain and a lifetime to master. This mindfulness technique will help you to reduce the illusions in your head and the problems in your life. Simple, effective and actually causes people to grow up.

• CLINICAL FLOWER THERAPY - Tips, strategies and techniques for practicing health professionals and kinesiologists. Lessons in the *fundamentals not taught in (m)any natural health courses ( i.e. *plant studies ).

• EMOTIONS 101 - Something we all should learn in primary school. This series of teachings explores emotions and puts them under the microscope. Teaches the basics and also the subtleties of human emotion and the mysteries of consciousness.

• BUSINESS SKILLS FOR KINESIOLOGISTS & NATURAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS - This series of classes teaches you the fundamentals that are often lacking in graduate health practitioners - self confidence, business leadership and entrepreneurship ( thinking outside the box ).

• ENDING SELF HELP ADDICTION - Step off the endless treadmill of 'self help', deal with your addiction to it and 'sober up' about personal development. There is a life beyond self help!


http://Www.Skyflowers.co ( Brendan's flower essence remedies and plant research )

http://Www.ClinicalFlowerTherapy.com ( The new standard in flower therapy )

http://Www.Twitter.com/iSkyflowers ( Daily teachings )


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Past Events

A Walk in the Botanical Garden ~ Auckland, NZ

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Kinesiology Association of New Zealand Conference

Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre

Emotions ~ 2 Hour Workshop + Book Launch

Equilibrium Bookshop

A Walk in the Botanic Garden ( Wellington, NZ )

Wellington Botanic Gardens

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