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So, What's Your Story #21: RISE UP!
We have five beautiful and brutally honest stories about being stuck in quicksand, and somehow finding a way out. RISE UP is presented by SWYS, and is our 21st Brisbane show, scheduled for August 3rd, 2017. Storytellers; STUART RAWLINS - One of the lead investigators of the Daniel Morcombe case is taking the stage to talk about the case, the PTSD that followed, and how he rose up! JOHN HELLABY - A man who has shared the stage with Arnold Swarzeneger will be taking the SWYS stage to let everyone know how his 'inch by inch' mentality got him out of the mental distress that pulled him down. JANICE MUIR - She will be offering an incredible, true and raw insight into her breat cancer diagnosis and how it affected her in the end. DANIEL BARNES - Daniel is going to be channeling Thor's hammer in this incredible true tale about getting out of his lowest point and making sure he is only ever on the rise. He has control now, and he is going to let you know how. And 1 MORE to be announced! STORYTELLING IMMERSION continues. What's that? Oh, you'll see what we mean. $15 AT THE DOOR OR ONLINE. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS THIS.

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    Sam Sciacca founded So, What’s Your Story? in August 2015 with the intention of it being nothing more than a night where his friends and family could witness 7 people take the stage to tell true, uncut stories from people they’d never met. However, after the overwhelmingly positive praise that came out of that night, it was clear that there was truly something remarkable about having strangers bare their most intimate life details, live. Thus, So, What’s Your Story started to grow; we have now held almost 20 shows in Brisbane and 2 in Sydney! We have featured tales from magicians, comedians, teachers, university students, entrepreneurs, businessmen and most importantly, everyday people. SWYS has had stories about conquering depression and suicide, tales about raunchy situations, a yarn about having to take a public bath in Tokyo with 200 naked men, and who could forget about the story that saw a man rise above his oppressive father to finally start living the life he actually wanted (fun fact; that story featured magic, stand up comedy and a lot of people having their perceptions changed by the end of it.) SWYS is growing fast and we want you to become a part of this underground movement before it becomes cool.

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