Soul Voice Sound Healing Meditation

What we'll do

A unique relaxing healing meditation where Eliza will share her powerful gifted healing voice by intuitively singing healing sounds & Soul love light languages from the heart
Together with her singing she will play healing shamanic drum and rattle, crystal singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowl and cymbal, rainstick and chakra chime etc
She sing to your heart and soul awakening transforming relaxing and healing your body mind and soul
People have commented that Eliza's voice is amazingly relaxing able to relief pain and realign your body removing stagnant energies Transforming your whole being
A sacred loving supportive space where you are free to be your true self and express in whatever way you need to from speaking your truth, laughter, movement, singing, tantrum, burping, farting, snoring, crying etc
Each individual will receive a healing and Divine group message
Bring a mat to lie down
Chairs and water provided

For an exchange of $20 per person

Attendees (2)