FAMILY Friendly Event: Discover Sacred Arts for Happiness,Personal Growth & More

What we'll do

A day for the whole Family as you have fun and participation in discovering sacred ARTS and modern day methods for Happiness, Personal Growth, Healing and wellbeing.

A one day experiential workshop with Tao Master:- Henderson Ong.
Tao Healing Arts

Immerse yourself in an artistic and high vibrational field whilst you participate in the art of:
- Tao Calligraphy Tai Chi
- Tao Calligraphy Writing Meditation
- Tao Movement and Dance
- Tao of Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing
- With follow on Tao Chang (Source Field) breath work and massage sessions also available.

Nothing feels as sweet and as nourishing for the soul as
calligraphy painting
gentle stretching
guided relaxation
sacred vibrational sounds
restorative sleep
AND all of this within a specialised Tao Calligraphy healing 'art beyond art' field - WOW -

Get to the core of healing through creativity, self-discovery and fun!

The ancient and sacred healing arts are having a powerful renaissance in these somewhat hectic and stress-ridden times.

Consider this a day spa for your soul, heart, mind and body!
Henderson Ong is an incredible Master in this field and his fun and open character is loved by ALL ages. Come share this day with him and together happy tunes will be played in the hearts.

Sunday 11 August, 10am - 6pm
In person and webcast.

Honour fee $70 with student/seniors/membership/family discounts also available.


Family friendly event :)