Raising Consciousness Meditation ........ awesome idea ........

What we'll do

Raising Consciousness Meditation : IN PERSON & WEBCAST OPTION
Thursdays 6-7pm
$10 casual class or weekly unlimited membership

The purpose of this class is to create conscious connection:
Connection between Soul, Heart, Mind & Body (energy and matter).
Connection between Human, Earth, Nature, the Universe and beyond......
Connection between you and I.
Connection to all and everything.

Discover a method based on connection, awareness and soul power to manifest a more positive life and experience of ‘what is life?'

Join Madeline Agnew for this hour of 'being the difference AND making the difference!' - it will be SO amazing!

FOR WEBCAST OPTION: Please contact the Soulfulness Centre to register for webcast option. [masked]

for the package / membership option click on "view products/packages" link at top of page. This is an incredible offer NO MATTER where you are in Australia OR Globally.

Raising Consciousness starts with self and this will be fun and really awesome.
IMAGINE.....................JUST IMAGINE!
if ONE effected cell amongst the trillion in one's body can effect THE WHOLE Body...... IMAGINE what an effect Raising Consciousness could have!!

For More info or any questions contact :
Soulfulness Centre:[masked]