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Are you interested in spiritual awareness and hygge, i.e. cosy, caring, connecting times in a safe space, where we share meals and good times? Then we could be just the tribe for you... We also share living enlightenment gatherings, sometimes known as satsangs, and explore nondual awareness.
The invitation is to come and join the tribe hanging out, being. There will be times for simply being (in truth every moment is just that). I refer to those as Hygge gatherings. Then there will be times of spiritual enquiry, where we will explore direct experience, spiritual concepts and do Q&A. I refer to those as Living Enlightenment gatherings.

In this group hygge is held by a certain level of awareness and mindfulness. This may sound like it requires effort. If it is natural to you to be open, kind, supportive and friendly then no effort is required. If your mind sometimes projects thoughts that may express as cracking a joke at someone else's expense, making a racist comment or speaking in ways that does not support others in being all they can be, then some mindfulness may be required. Don’t worry. None of us are perfect. We are all perfect. If such expressions occur, that is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not "wrong". It is simply an expression of life, of what is, and it can be met and examined for what it is. None of us is anything other than love. Borrowing a phrase from Nonviolent Communication about “tragic expressions of unmet needs”, when we do or say things that seem to be other than love, upon examination we can uncover what the love and aliveness is that is beneath the words and actions that were perceived as a “tragic expression of love” or “other than love”.

...and underneath it all is a spiritual awareness. It is a way of being, or you could say that it is a perspective. Experiencing what is, just as it is, from that perspective gives rise to a way of being, expressing who and what you are in a free and natural way. The experience of living from this perspective can be called spiritual awareness. It really doesn’t matter what we call it and what we think spirituality is, there is a direct experience of existence that becomes apparent when the mind goes quiet, when the thought stream stops. In that experience oneness is realised through direct experience and uninhibited irresistible joy bubbles up. It is a joy that is not caused by anything. It is the love and joy that is always here and naturally comes to the forefront of experience when the mind stream of narrating life, judging or seeking to control life, events, people and “self” stops.

In support of Hygge and daily life beingness and experience I may offer some sessions and workshops on Mindful Communication. Topics may include deep listening, authentic expression, empathic listening, speaking and listening from the heart, connecting with precious aliveness, emotional first aid, anger management and living without blame.

Hygge is a Danish word (you may want to look it up) and I am connecting with my Danish heritage in sharing this form and energy of being together. Here is an article from BBC news on hygge https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34345791

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