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Hi. We are growing and Spiritual Movies has been around over 2 years now with 833 members as of today. We've showed 35 movies (whew!) as you can see under 'Past Meetups' to the left (or list below). What are your favorites or movies you'd like to discuss or new ones we can stream? We do fiction sometimes as well as factual, and we generally avoid talking heads (i.e a teacher/guru just talking). So far on my list of possible are (i) Human (part 3 and finale); (ii) The Happy Film (another/new, this time a New Yorker on a quest (; (iii) Ayurveda: The Art of Being (re ancient holistic healing practices); and (iv) Earth From Space (Nova's look at Earth's amazing life generating wonders). See also the comments below. Some of our best surprises have come from member recommendations so this was the only way I could think of to get the message to everyone. No date, no specific event --- just comment below and start those movie recommendations coming in. Or please comment yes or 'no interest' as people share ideas. Thank you. PAST MOVIES SHOWN BELOW (F = fiction) (M = member recommended; please share your ideas under Comments) 1 - I Am (Tom Shadyac) 2 - The Connection: Mind Your Body (Australian) 3 - The Peaceful Warrior F 4 – Happy 5 - Power of the Heart 6 - Bab'Aziz (Sufi mystic) F 7 - One Track Heart (Krisna Das) 8 – Planetary 9 – Finding Joe (Joseph Campbell) 10 – It’s a Wonderful Life (holidays) F 11- May I Be Frank (recovery) 12 – Future Dreaming M 13 – The Prophet (animated) F 14 - Departures (Japanese) F 15 - Every 3 Seconds (poverty & social change) 16 – Human (part 1) 17 - Wake Up 18 - Chasing Buddha (Australian nun Robena Curtin) 19 - Awake: Yogananda 20 – Human (part 2) 21 - Heaven is for Real 22 – The Living Matrix: The Science of Healing 23 - Infinity: The Ultimate Trip 24 - selection from Belief (Oprah tv series) 25 - Lion in the Snow 26 – The Minimalists (reducing consumerism) 27 – Awakening: Dalai Lama 28 - Francesco (life of St Francis of Assisi) 29 - Ram Dass: Fierce Grace 30 - Pachamama Alliance's 'Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream' and The Turning Point (Joanna Macy) 31 - What the Bleep Do We Know? M 32 - Samadhi (Part 1) and Akasha (part 1 of 4) M 33 - Inside Out (animated, about emotions) F M 34 - Quest for Meaning 35 - Captain Fantastic M F Your ideas?

The Mawson Centre, Mawson Lakes

MC2-03, Mawson Centre University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus · Adelaide


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This group will meet every 3 weeks (approx - that's the goal) to watch a movie focusing on some element of personal growth and spirituality. In particular as to how it relates to current climate change and environmental challenges. The intent is to come together under a broad definition of spirituality to include topics such as personal transformation, meditation/mindfulness, environment & ethics; health & well-being, conscious capitalism, indigenous world perspectives, and women’s empowerment. I envision a lively, thoughtful post-screening discussion for those that wish, with light refreshments afterwards. Film selection will be based on member input, as well as borrowing of ideas of other movie groups. I like what I've heard about The WakeUp Project's (Sydney) movie night, and also Amnesty Int'l/Social Justice movie nights here in Adelaide. The idea for the group started as an outcome from the Pachamama Alliance 'Awakening the Dreamer' workshops (another MeetUp page) about how to nurture more community activism.

The approach will evolve based on members preferences. There is viewing space available at UniSA's Mawson Lakes campus, at least to start. A gold coin(s) donation of $3-5 donation helps to to keep the group at a breakeven point for room rental, streaming/DVD purchase and Meetup costs as necessary. Welcome all. Ideas? Note movie suggestions can be made under Upcoming Events. Cheers and metta.

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