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SEX, EROS AND LOVE ~ Revelations in Relationships

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SEX, EROS AND LOVE ~ Revelations in Relationship Series

Relationships are an opportunity for transformation and growth. The Revelations in Relationships Series explores this theme and how to create transformation and growth in your relationship with yourself and others.

This is the second in a series of three workshops:

Week 1 ~ Possessive love vs Pure love ~ Wed 3rd December

Week 2 ~ Transformation through Jealousy ~ Wed 10th December

Week 3 ~ Tantra and Sacred Sexuality ~ Wed 17th December

Week 1~ Possessive Love Vs Pure Love

Love has been confused with attraction, desire, eroticism, pleasure, comfort, jealousy, fulfillment of needs,domination, anger.. and the list goes on.


Love should not be just a relationship but a state of being. What is needed on your part is not to learn the ways of love but to unlearn the ways of unlove. The hindrances have to be removed, the obstacles have to be destroyed- Then love is your natural spontaneous being. Once the obstacles are removed, we remember love is already there- hidden behind many rocks, it is your very being (Osho)

This workshop will explore the following topics:

~ possessive love vs pure love

~ our obstacles and limitations within relationships and the value of overcoming them

~how to live a relationship of growth, transformation and aspiration towards the true nature of love

This workshop is open for everyone interested in deepening their relationship with Love:

Individuals, couples ~ monogamous, open and polyamorous, bi, straight, queer, lesbian gay- you name it, this is for everyone. Love has no limits.

The Revelations in Relationships Series will be offered over the first 3 weeks of December. Each week builds upon the previous workshop so it is recommended to attend this workshop if you are interested in the later parts of the series.

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$50 per person or $80 for two~ per workshop

$130 per person or $220 for two~ the whole series

Venue to be announced ( Melbourne Inner city area )

Week 2 ~ Transformation through Jealousy ~ Tuesday 9th December

This workshop is about transforming our relationship with jealousy, so jealousy becomes not something to be ashamed of or repressed, but rather an opportunity for growth, both personally and within our relationships.

Transformation through Jealousy workshop offers:

~a safe space to explore the experience of jealousy

~the reasons for jealousy

~how to transform the experience of jealousy into an opportunity

~tools to use in an on-going basis

~new relationship perspective

~personal growth

Week 3 ~ Tantra and Sacred Sexuality ~ Tuesday 16th December

Tantra has a very rich and deep history that entails a science of personal development which confronts you with the fundamental questions in life.

This workshop offers you the holistic understanding and experience of what Tantra really is and how to integrate the Tantric mentality into your every day life.
It is about integration, awareness, looking deeper, going beyond duality of the mind and embracing the perspective of " As above, so below".

Due to our sexual energy being the most potent, creative and strongest forces we have as human beings, an aspect of Tantra ( 10% of the system of tantra) focuses on our sexuality and how we can use this for purposes beyond genital stimulation, desire and lust.

This workshop offers a theoretical and experiential look into how we can move beyond the prevailing attitudes towards sexuality from modern society and culture to understand this energy on a deeper level.

Topics include

~Tantric mentality
~ Tantric Yoga & the basic foundations : The chakra system & five bodies
~ 7 forms of orgasm for women
~ Curves of pleasure for men & Sublimation of sexual energy
~Training practices for men & women
~ Ritual and sacred sexuality
~ Effects of Tantric love making
~Consecration and Intention

( There is no nudity in the workshop and all exercises are non sexual)

Your facilitators Emma and Maanee are humbled to welcome you to these deep and profound teachings on relationships and love.
Both originally from Melbourne, they now reside in a Tantric community in Thailand where they practice and study yoga and relationships as a path of transformation. The teachings and tools offered in this workshop inform the basis of a book which they are currently writing on Sex, Eros and Love.

Emma has spent the last decade studying and exploring the mind, body and relationships in both Western and Eastern modalities. Emma believes that relationships offer an incredible platform for self development, and is passionate about helping others in creating relationships that develop greater self awareness and authenticity. Her background is in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Massage, Psychophysiological Research and Medical Science (Honours in Psychology, UTAS; Diploma of Psychotherapy, Phoenix Institute). Emma is a practicing Psychotherapist with special interest in Relationship and Sexuality.

Maanee Chrystal : Through her experience she has found that embracing the flow between both nature and spirit by consciously weaving together the inner and outer worlds, allows the unfolding of each moment in life to come with acceptance and an open heart, revealing a higher meaning of life and way of sacred human expression.
Maanee is a holistic psychotherapist ( Phoenix Institute), Tantra Instructor ( empowered by Swami Vivekananda Saraswati) and Dancer. Her most recent offerings have been facilitating Sacred Erotic Dance and embodiment workshops in India and Thailand. She is devoted to supporting herself and others in attaining pure love and self realization in the form of spiritual and self growth through sexuality, relationships, Tantra and Dance.

If you have any questions please contact us via private message or on the event page.