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Angie's place

30 Miller St · Bargara

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We are a group of spiritual seekers following the path to higher creativity through spiritual growth and personal development. We use the tools of prayer, affirmations, mantras and meditation in this process of self-transformation. Our focus is to support and nurture each other as we aspire and grow on the spiritual path together. Our weekly meetings will involve discussions of spiritual films and teachings as well as practising the healing power of self-acceptance and forgiveness. We use the teachings given us to us by the Masters of East and West, including Theosophy, the I AM movement, Yogananda’s Self Realisation Fellowship, the Summit Lighthouse as well as contemporary teachers such as Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama as we pursue the ultimate goal of the mystical path -enlightenment. Many of us recognise that all our past actions – both bad and good – eventually come back to us and this is known as the law of karma. Whatever we have sown in the past must come back full circle to our doorstep for resolution, requiring us to balance our karma. While some alchemists tried to change metals into gold, true alchemy involves the use of a unique spiritual energy, the violet flame, to transmute the negative aspects of our psychology and astrology and deepen our experience of higher consciousness.

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