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Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs globally in partnership with Google for Startups.

The cornerstone of our global community are monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Founded in Silicon Valley, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs build their businesses, connect with strategic partners, and secure funding.

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Global Conference 2021

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THIS IS A PAID EVENT - PURCHASE YOUR TICKET IN THE LINK BELOW https://www.startupgrind.com/events/details/startup-grind-sydney-presents-global-conference-2021/ A home for startups everywhere. Now more accessible than ever before. Nothing can replace human interaction, but the power of online allows us to bring the education, access, opportunities and inspiration of Startup Grind’s Global Conference to startups around the world. Our new virtual and choose-what-you-pay model makes this year’s event more accessible for startups globally than ever before. Join us and 15,000 others for conversation and collaboration around tech, startups, and the future of innovation. Before purchasing a Full Access ticket, we want to know if you are a: Student, startup, part of the media, or looking to secure a free scholarship ticket.  Check out the application process and find out the various perks for each group. Agenda --- Speakers Jeff Lawson - Twilio (Founder + CEO) Jeff Lawson is the founder and CEO of Twilio. A serial entrepreneur and a software developer, Jeff co-founded Twilio in 2008 to bring communications into the world of software. He is also the author of Ask Your Developer, a new playbook for unleashing the full potential of software developers in any organization, showing management how to unleash this workforce to enable growth, solve a wide range of business problems and drive digital transformation. Michelle Zatlyn - Cloudflare (Co-founder + COO) Michelle Zatlyn is co-founder and COO of Cloudflare, the Internet security, performance, and reliability company on a mission to help build a better Internet. Cloudflare is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: NET). Prior to co-founding Cloudflare, Michelle held positions at Google and Toshiba and launched two successful startups. Noah Kerner - Acorns (CEO) Born in New York City’s east village, Noah Kerner is the CEO of the micro-investing app Acorns and co-founder of the shareholder rights startup Say. His background is colorful: 4X entrepreneur, Co-author of "Chasing Cool” with the former CEO of Barneys, and former DJ for Jennifer Lopez. In his 20s, Noah built the leading creative agency for the young adult market, Noise. Tamar Yehoshua - Slack (Chief Product Officer) Tamar Yehoshua oversees product strategy and development, design, and research at Slack. Previously, Tamar was a Vice President at Google holding product and engineering leadership roles on Google’s most important products, including Search, Identity and Privacy. Prior to that, she was the Vice President of Advertising Technologies at Amazon’s A9. Benoit Dageville - Snowflake (Co-founder + President of Product) Benoit co-founded Snowflake and currently serves as President of the Product division. Benoit is a leading expert in parallel execution and self-tuning database systems. Prior to founding Snowflake, Benoit was with Oracle for over 10 years as a lead architect for parallel execution in Oracle RAC and a key architect in the SQL Manageability group. Lucy Liu - Airwallex (Co-founder + President) Lucy Liu is President and Co-founder at Airwallex. She is responsible for the company’s branding and operations. Before establishing Airwallex in 2015 with her co-founders, Lucy was an investment consultant in CICC (China International Capital Corporation) and served as a board director of Hong Stone Investment Development Limited, a Hong Kong based investment company. Parker Conrad - Rippling (Co-founder + CEO) Parker Conrad believes that sometimes you’re the fire hydrant, sometimes you’re the dog. He speaks from experience -- he graduated from Harvard after flunking out, beat testicular cancer at 24, founded three companies, and left two of them. Today he leads Rippling, the only platform that unifies every employee system across departments to truly automate administrative work. Markus Villig - Bolt (Founder + CEO) Markus Villig is the founder and CEO of Bolt (formerly Taxify). Bolt is the leading European mobility platform that’s focused on making urban travel more affordable, convenient and responsible. The company’s services range from ride-hailing to micromobility with e-scooters and electric bikes to food and package delivery. Hosted By David Kenney, Chapter Director Personal: I’m married, with three beautiful daughters. We live on a beach next to Manly, Sydney Australia. Professionally I have become obsessed with helping founders with: 1. Business modeling and developing their financial acumen. 2. Creating partnerships for enterprise sales. 3. Pricing strategies. 4. Fostering and sharing my connections to industry, influencers, and other markets. 5. International taxes for companies and founders. 6. Guiding the relationship and teaching how to correctly phrase company reporting to stakeholders - including VC’s. 7. Pitch coaching (to win) competitions and raise capital for founders. My clients and friends, are not limited to but include a dozen of Australia’s best entrepreneurs. While advising them, I have learned a hell of a lot from them too -- a thank you to these people. Loving my new projects, writing on Medium.com, with the stretch goal to write a book someday. For the last seven years I’ve mentored at Startmate and more recently a also mentor at Tech Ready Women, Elevacao and Incubate. I host or speak at one start-up event per week. I have become dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs dominate, and have invested invested in 15 start-ups. I am honored to be be able to be a part of Startup Grind. Brendan Yell, Chapter Director In 1999 Brendan founded ShopFree.com which expanded to 7 countries and over 1 million members. In 2004, Brendan relocated to San Francisco to further ShopFree’s push into the USA market. As a mentor and consultant Brendan has worked with VinoMofo, Shop A Docket, SportsBet, the Australian Radio Network and rock band INXS. Brendan currently is APAC Director of cloud email provider SendGrid. He is also an ambassador and pitch coach for Rise (Hong Kong) and Web Summit (Lisbon), Director of Startup Grind in Sydney and is the Entrepreneur in Residence for the Qantas Avro Accelerator. Sean Greenhalgh, Sydney Co-Director Technology Evangelist, Expert in Sales and Business Development, Passionate about Innovative Start-Ups. Sean is a serial entrepreneur, engineer, and maker through and through. Sean has founded several businesses as well as being an advisor to several companies. Self-confessed gadget obsessed has single-handedly IoT-enabled his whole household and knows what power it can provide, and what parts are missing, and decided to start a company to make them. Prior to working in the startup world, Sean started in Bioinformatics and Drug Design and Development, working as a cancer researcher. This brought him into sales and business development for one of the world's top Biotech firms. When not helping run StartupGrind events Sean can be found running his new IoT internet connected devices company, TimeChi (https://timechi.com), where they are making an internet connected productivity timer, to help you work faster, smarter and most of all, better by helping you block out distractions and keep focused! Chris Joannou, Advisor Chris Joannou, Founder CHRIS JOANNOU Creative //Tech //Entrepreneur. Family man and DreamPusher. CEO of Startup Melbourne // General Manager at Startup Grind Australia // Entrepreneur in Residence at Collective Campus Bianca Carrozzo, Team Member | Logistics Executive --- Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 600 cities and 125+ countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Our monthly fireside chat interviews, startup mixers and annual conferences provide ample opportunities to connect with amazing startups and the people behind them, tap into a strong support network, form meaningful connections and gain inspiration for the startup journey ahead. For more information visit StartupGrind.com or follow us on twitter @StartupGrind. --- THIS IS A PAID EVENT - PURCHASE YOUR TICKET IN THE LINK BELOW https://www.startupgrind.com/events/details/startup-grind-sydney-presents-global-conference-2021/

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