2020 Vision: What You’ll Regret By the End Of The Year If You Don’t Do THIS Now!

What we'll do

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fireworks fill the sky as the people around you cheer, and laugh, and hug each other. The noise is deafening…exhilarating! There’s just nothing quite like New Year’s Eve festivities is there…

But once all the champagne bottles pop, and the streamers rain down, (and the kids get sent to bed)… there’s that blissful lull where you manage to sneak 5 minutes to yourself and reflect:

Did, I achieve everything I wanted to in 2019…

And what’s on the cards for 2020!?

Now, there’s really only two ways this conversation can go…
In one instance you’re full of joy and enthusiasm for the new year – business is going great; you nailed your 2019 goals, and you’re brimming with anticipation to keep moving forward!


You look back wistfully and think… where did all the time go?

Regret can sneak in when you realise another year’s past – and you’re still unsure if this ‘business’ is your ‘thing’ – especially if it’s yet to prove itself as a viable, full-time, income earner for you and your family…

And look, that’s ok. You’re not the only one going through this! Growing a coaching or consulting business to six figures and beyond takes time, perseverance, and many STEEP learning curves!

But… we can only grow when we have the clarity of focus, and the supportive environment required, for epic results to happen, right?

Hold onto that thought for a second, and cast your mind back to January OF THIS year.

And I need you to be really honest right now:

Are you on track to achieve the goals you set by the end of the year? Or are you feeling a bit overwhelmed and off-track when it comes to making them happen?

They’re important questions to ask. Especially since it’s July!

So, at this month we’re going to check-in with the goals we made waaaay back in January. And re-group, and re-focus, and re-energise ourselves so we can make the next 6 months the most productive YET!

We’re going to look towards your 2020 vision: And get clear 20/20 vision of your current situation!

It’s time to zoom-out, and take a ’20-foot view’ of your business, goals, and results, thus far.

We’ll pull-back from the depths of marketing; and zoom-out beyond all the coaching/consulting work, training courses, and webinars you’ve been focused on. And PAUSE for a night.

Yup, permission to stop. And take a deep breath. Woah feels good right!?
Then we’ll simply reflect, and reassess, using “The 3 Better Business Acuity Factors” as our frame:

1. the ‘sharpness’ of focus on your desired outcome
2. the ‘health and functioning’ of you (and your actions) towards it
3. the ‘feedback mechanism’ you’re using for interpreting your results so far

Because here’s the best news: There’s still 6 months to go!

And that’s plenty of time to get the momentum rolling, again, in the right direction.

Here’s what to expect:

After being in the room, surrounded by support, sharing the highs and lows of the year thus far, and reformulating our action plans, you’ll walk away feeling inspired, re-motivated, and re-energised to make your 2020 vision a reality!
Mid-year is no time to sit alone, at home, trying to figure it all out on your own! It’s time to re-group, re-focus, and move forward together. Support is right here. Waiting for you… so, will you venture out on a cold winters night to join us?

Here’s 3 key questions to help you decide:
1. Are you 100% satisfied with your earning power right now?
2. Have you achieved all of your goals for 2019 already?
3. Do you want to regret how much time ‘slipped-by’ without making the progress you desired come 2020!?

If you said YES to these questions then awesome! Congratulations! You’re well on your way… (except for #3 hmmm that may need some unpacking!)
But if you said NO to any of these… and you know it would’ve felt a WHOLE lot better to say yes… then this month’s workshop is for you!

Carmel Murphy