The Future of Bionics

What we'll do

Coinciding with the Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020 we are super excited to share what the future of bionics looks like for humankind.

This month we are diving into the world of bionics with Dr Robyn Stokes – Board Director and Interim CEO of Bionics Queensland.

Lets face it, those sci-fi movies have set the expectations for bionics high and although we haven’t quite reached the Six Million Dollar Man, advances in bionics have already had a huge impact on the lives of those with a disability, illness or anyone needing an 'upgrade' to enhance quality of life.

With the bionics industry continually growing from vision, hearing, orthopedics and implants to robotic exoskeletons we are moving towards a human-machine hybrid, and it is a gamechanger.

Dr Robyn Stokes will also be talking about how you can participate in the Bionics Queensland Challenge 2020. The challenge will see three teams share $150,000 in prize money and participate in a program of expert mentoring to help fast-track their ground-breaking innovations and research across bionic mobility, bionic senses and neural and AI-enabled bionics.

Looking forward to seeing you there for an amazing presentation with networking and nibblies to follow.

Many thanks to our sponsor The Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre for their beautiful venue and their ongoing support.