The future and impact of drones with Mark Viswa Nathan of Ace Aviation

What we'll do

This week we wrap our minds around the future of drones, and it is nothing like you thought.

Mark Viswa Nathan, CEO at ACE AVIATION will be welcoming us to the world of aerial technology. Drones are about to become a regular sight in our skies and are quickly becoming more than just a hobby.

Over the past few years, drones have improved and transformed a variety of industries. They are used to promptly deliver goods, study the environment and scan remote military bases. Drones have been employed in security monitoring, safety inspections, border surveillance and storm tracking. They even have been armed with missiles and bombs in military attacks, protecting the lives of armed-forces personnel that would otherwise be required to enter these combat zones.

The industries who will be looking for experts in this field is growing rapidly and the shortage of skills is already understood.

Looking forward to seeing you there for an amazing presentation with networking and nibblies to follow.

Many thanks to our sponsor The Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre for their beautiful venue and their ongoing support.