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What we're about

Do you want to:
1) Meet like-minded working women?
2) Share something with others that is inspiring and thought provoking?
3) Gain new experiences and develop new friendships that will help you step up in your life and work?
4) Network and buddy up with people who will conspire for your happiness and success?
5) Develop your confidence and courage muscles in a safe and supportive environment?

Ever felt you wanted to step up and out of your shell, step up and do something different? And yet perhaps something has held you back - a fear, a lack of security or confidence, doubts of whether you can or not?

Believe in yourself.
Invest in yourself.

We're based in Sydney/NSW, and we tailor especially for working women who want to get together for growth, support, motivation and action.

What we do:
We organise meetups for coffee, breakfast talks, foodie adventures, facilitated topical group discussions, development workshops, adventure sports plus coaching activities, many are for a nominal fee (*$2 contributions for running costs) or entails a small speakers' fee (e.g $15).

What do I get:
This can be an incredibly powerful meetup group for you. If you would like to learn how to gain clarity in your goals, obtain complete control over your time and your life, simplify your work, maximize your special talents, abilities, build your confidence and fitness levels and achieve freedom, independence and more, this is right for you.

Your Superchicks meetup group will enable you to try new stuff and step out of your comfort zone physically and mentally.

Meetups so far:
1) Cafe facilitated discussions on Adventure, Leadership, Work Life Balance, Energy to burn, personal branding
2) Organiser meetings to discuss the Superchicks vision, mission, purpose

3) Bushwalks, archery, portrait photography sessions
4) Webinars on customer service, leadership, performance development, networking, starting a small business and much more.
5) Extended invitations from other meet-up groups or individuals (eg networking groups, fitness groups)

6) Career, professional and support networking sessions

We do sincerely apologise for anyone who wishes to see what's happening in terms of our calendar activities and are unable to. Only because we want to protect the confidentiality of our members, our meetups and for privacy & security reasons. If you want to know more about Superchicks before joining us (it's free!), please email us and we'll answer your inquiries and hopefully satisfy your curiosity as best as we can. Life is an adventure, curiousity is good!!

What we are NOT:

We strictly do not encourage direct sales, MLMs, business networking for the sake of card swopping, spamming, mis-using our meetings, Ideas and Discussions Pages for sales purposes.

We do not encourage the distribution of your business brochures or directly promoting and soliciting business at our events.

Please do not use our meetup as a platform for your business.

We understand that you may be passionate about your business and may want to offer services for free or for a fee. Some of our events may explicitly cover a particular topic, can be consultative and has a business and networking purpose, BUT overall, no one likes being 'sold to' in a general social event.


"Person X introduces herself, and distributes her brochures in a Superchicks social event. She then invites everyone to have a sample of what she provides or does, for free. In a consequent meetup, she reminds members of her services and invites people to free events or free sessions. In the 'free' session, she then proceeds to 'sell' them her products and/or services (workshops, discounted products, trips, special promotions to sessions exclusively for Superchicks, customised services with preferential rates, special sales available for a limited time/number only etc)."

For all members - if you notice this happening at any meetup and are not comfortable with it, please let the organiser know. In any meetup where this might happen, buyers beware, as the organisers' values are not always aligned with that of all members. If you are unsure, please check with the main organiser before posting any ideas or purchasing any 'deals' from fellow Superchicks. Members who practice direct sales and marketing in this meetup may risk being removed from our membership lists.

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