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How do you best care for your aged loved one when you’re already so busy without the guilt? In just two hours you can get some tips for guilt free caring and meet people who are also on the caring journey. I know how hard you have been working. Running around and running yourself into the ground with everything that you do, and now you have the added responsibility to look after the older members of your family on your plate, too. There are days when you think “why me” and you are so exhausted you can hardly drag yourself out of bed. It is time to change this! Time to put your feet up and take a deep breath Time to find out about "Guilt Free Caring". Time to find out how to deal with the many issues you face each and every day when you care for aged loved ones. You’re part of the sandwich generation. The generation where looking after your growing family and now you also have your aged loved ones to care, is seen as ‘normal’ – not to mention your work and every other thing you do. You’re SO good at juggling everything. Everyone says “I don’t know how you do it”! And honestly…you agree. Yet, you don’t have a choice, so you keep pushing through. You are questioning everything you do - you feel guilty all the time - no time for your aged loved one, your family and most importantly you. What do you do now? How do you make it work for everyone? You’ve stepped up and you’re ready to take on the added responsibilities of caring for everyone. I know you are. And, I know how capable you are. There is so much to do — find out what care is needed, what care is available but much more than that ……. How do you deal with the emotional side of caring for your aged loved one? Are you ready to find out about Guilt Free Caring? "Guilt Free Caring" Meetup can be delivered in person or online/during the week or on the weekend and includes a free mediation, free care cards and tips for guilt free caring. Contact Rita now to find out more.

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This is a group incorporates two support networks. One for the Sandwich Generation. You know - people raising their family and now are caring for their aged loved one while working full time. It is tough and we know how hard you have been working, caring for everyone. Now it is time to care for you and spend some time with a support network that understands the challenges you are facing. By sharing our experiences we provide support, handy tips and resources to ease the transition to aged care. Filling the void in Aged Care.

And now We are incorporating the Passion Test for people. Learn to identify, clarify and prioritise your passions.

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