What we're about

This is a group for people who have the Barefoot Investor book and would like some financial freedom, making the most at what they have right now and working towards some financial goals.

I will aim to make this a fun group because if you are like me financial stuff can seem downright boring, BUT being financially free is far from that!

To me that means not having to worry about finances so we can achieve some of those other more fun and meaningful goals.

The aim is to go through The Barefoot Investor book week by week and to help each other with any road blocks.

You will need to have a copy of this book to make a start! Book takes us step by step into making very practical changes to assist with improving our finances.

Initially we will meet weekly and will then move to monthly.....in lovely spaces with yummy food and or coffee.

Perhaps together we could also look to share some experiences as a result of achieving financial freedom!

Past Events

First Barefoot Steps...Fee Free Banking!

Sappho Books Cafe & Wine Bar

Meet and Greet plus Short Intro of Book

Joe and the Juice