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Your career success often depends on how well you can express yourself. If you want to improve your performance in business meetings, presentations, job interviews, conversations, sales and problem-solving situations, a Toastmaster International Speechcraft course can help you.


Our Speechcraft course is prepared and designed by professionals for professionals like you. It is specifically designed for people who want to improve their communication skills and self-confidence. Whether it is for the formal business environment, or purely as a personal goal, participants will gain important skills in preparing and delivering presentations with self-confidence and style.

Based in the heart of Sydney CBD, our club gathers the experience of professionals who are across many industries and vocations. You will also get the support and guidance from our experienced members who started their speaking self-confidence journey exactly like you.

You will gain the following from our speechcraft course:
- Organise, prepare and deliver an effective speech
- Learn to construct and provide an answer to an impromptu question
- Gain audience attention with an effective opening, body and conclusion
- Introduce a speaker in a professional manner
- Effectively project your voice, use gestures, and body language
- Keep those butterflies flying in formation by learning to control your nerves.

During this workshop, you will prepare and present short talks and practise impromptu speaking in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere, by the end of the course you will be able to communicate with confidence and poise.

Our Speechcraft course runs 1 evening a week, over 6 weeks, from 6:15 PM to 9:15 PM.

Give your career a boost. Reserve your place at the next Speechcraft course conducted by the Speechcrafter Club Sydney CBD. RSVP now.

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Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts

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