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Amma Satsang-Blissful chants, Kirtan, meditation
UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENT (as soon as new venue confirmed).Join us for Blissful & uplifting chants, no experience required. We provide books containing simple chants. Chanting is uplifting to the emotions, soul & spirit. All will benefit in some way & experience more peace of mind, heart opening Bliss. Chanting helps to create waves of bliss & peace in the singer & in the environment. It helps to harmonize the environment. "Anyone can sing. It is not important if the pronunciation is not perfect. What matters, is the intention in the heart, the innocent purity in the heart. Sounds from an innocent heart are heard by God. In this way, our vibrations will purify our mind, heart & all of nature & the environment. In this Kali Yuga,(dark age), it is very effective to repeat a mantra & sing devotional songs. If even as little as five minutes of concentration can be attained, that is certainly a great asset." Amma This is an unofficial Satsang (not listed on the website) It is held with the personal Blessings of Amma. All welcome to stay for chai & snacks after chant. Inquiries or confirmation ph:[masked] Entry by donation (suggested donation $10) to cover Hall hire & proceeds to Amma's Humanitarian works. ( ) Throughout the year we also do fundraising events where we chant, share a meal & show a video or have some performances. Any ideas welcomed. Om Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti May All beings in all the worlds be Happy. Om Peace, Peace, Peace All welcome, Linda

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To be confirmed in Jan · Sydney


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All are welcome to join us for Chanting, Bhajan, Kirtan & meditation in Neutral Bay on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 5 :30pm & on the Last Friday of the month at 6:30pm . "Chanting concentrates the mind, thoughts subside, & the mind can expand in the sound, allowing us to experience the peace & Bliss of the true Self within. Bhajan (devotional singing or chanting) purifies the heart & mind. Bhajan is for us to pour out our Heart's accumulated dirt. The singing will purify both the singer & the atmosphere." AMMA

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