Co-housing and the sharing economy - Jason Twill presentation

What we'll do

Jason Twill will introduce the ways the sharing economy and collaborative housing are changing the nature of contemporary cities and offering people more affordable and sustainable lifestyles.

Around the world community collectives are coming together to co-create multi-layered neighbourhoods that are affordable, intergenerational, economically diverse and socially connected. These community-led urban developments are disrupting the traditional approaches to urban housing and providing a means for more liveable, equitable and diverse cities across the globe.

The evening discussions will focus on dynamic new housing and place-making models for cities premised on multi-functional, live-work-play space designed for social connection and economic practicality.

Discussions will explore the concept of Collaborative Urbanism as a new urban development paradigm which responds to several emerging lifestyle trends including the sharing economy, micro-living, live/work, the maker movement and collaborative living to create the ideal platform for a modern and affordable city living.

From Baugruppe in Germany, cooperatives in Vienna and Nightingale Housing in Australia, Jason’s talk will take us on a journey around the world’s cities with examples of how these emerging models are changing urban landscapes and improving our quality of life.

Where is the meeting?

Newtown Community Centre
1 Bedford St
Newtown NSW 2042

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What next?

All people interested in a co-housing project are invited to a follow-up meeting on Sunday 1 December from 2pm-5pm at 107 Projects in Redfern. Please RSVP to the December event on our MeetUp group page.