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Elm Hack Night
Following the ideas of the successful San Fransisco Elm user group, let's meet and build great stuff with Elm! This is a hack night, so you'll have plenty of time to find, build and demo your Elm side project. Even if you don't yet have a project, have never written a single line of Elm or are just curious, you should definitely join us! Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experts! We'll have Pizza and Beers, as well as tables and power cords. Don't forget to bring your notebook + charger along! We'll start with half an hour of meet and mingle. You can take the time to catch up with others, join projects or just make new friends. Then we'll go straight into coding. If you don't have a project yet, don't worry: We'll prepare some project ideas if you don't find anything :) Let's see how far we get. The event is open ended, so bring lots of energy :)


Level 6, 341 George Street · Sydney

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