What we're about

Learn how to free yourself from the struggles of identifying as different from the heterosexual majority to find love, peace and acceptance in your life.

This is a healing space that is loving, supportive and inclusive that gives you the opportunity to look deeply into the wounding experienced through your coming out journey. Objectively reflecting on this period in your life is the start of the process that allows you to clear out the pain and struggle to allow in freedom, love, peace and joy.

For all the external colour and movement within the LGBTI community, there is dark underbelly where we hide from ourselves and each other. This manifests as higher levels of anxiety, depression, alcohol/drug use, unsafe sex practices and increased suicide rates compared with the majority of people.

Our ability to transform our community starts with the ability to transform ourselves.

Join Developmental Coach David Mollison for a morning of exploration in expanding love, healing, joy and peace through clearing out the pain that no longer serves you to live the life you are moved to live.

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