What we're about

We are a group of investors and people who are interested in world events & politics who want to meet to discuss these matters. Or to invest in a range of opportunities including property, shares, new businesses (as angel investors or capital venturists), currencies, futures, options, commodities etc. Anything that can make us money :) And of course talk about politics and world events. Events will carter for all these interests.

I encourage all members to come along to network, learn and provide input/suggestions for our meetings. Please consider this a cooperative group.

So, in addition to property and other investments, we are a fraternity of like-minded people who meetup to discuss politics, world events, economics, financial markets etc over drinks and food.

Our activities include inviting political figures, watching short movies/documentaries, networking evenings, visiting other meetups etc. Suggestions are always welcomed.

We encourage females, and the young and old; newbies and the experienced to join in. Everybody has a story that can teach us something.

We aim to meet socially in a relaxed, fun environment as well as semi-formally. We could even organise outings to bring us together informally, if the group is interested.

Do you want to invest money in currencies, shares, property, product launches, business start ups or as a silent partner; or would you like to be a part owner in a business, maybe the next large airline, or maybe the part owner of the next great world wide fad (Walkmans, IPods, USBs, Post it notes etc). Would you like to invest in a business and by doing so purchase a lifetime job as a manager? Or would you like to be a silent investor who received regular payments? Do you have enough money to invest or do you need to pool with others to start your way to wealth?

Do you know how/where to meet currency and share traders? Or property experts? Or the owners of businesses looking for associates to expand?

If I have one good idea and you have one good idea, we both have one idea. If we share we both have two good ideas and so on. If we are a group we will help each other and leapfrog over the obstacles. We can learn from others mistakes so we do not do the same, we will learn what they did right so we too can do right.

We all have one goal: to put our money to best use to provide us with wealth creation and financial freedom whether it be in start up businesses, currencies, property, shares etc.

Past Events

US Presidential Election Watch

Cheers Bar

US Presidential Debate

Cheers Bar

Value Capture funding for the future of public transport

Case Study Lecture Theatre 1170

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