What we're about

Spirituality is:

*A reason to live a happy existence

*Answers and satisfaction

*A way of life that will illustrate to the world that you are living your highest possible joy

*A connection with others

*Abundance in every form

and so much more....

Our planet has and is going through huge changes. The overall consciousness has risen and continues to rise. Our energetic vibrations are increasing and with this we are changing and evolving. This Meetup group is designed to help you on your Spiritual journey.

At the close of 2013 many of us wiped the sweat from our foreheads as a year of huge introspection took place. We analysed and critiqued all aspects of our lives. It was a challenging year. However, with the bulk of those challenges behind us we are now poised for a new way of life. Our desire to live a Spiritual life has never been stronger. We all want to incorporate our Spiritual beliefs into our day-to-day lives. We want love, empathy, harmony and authentic appreciation to wash through our lives like never before. Our desire to walk down the street, hug our fellow man and embrace new possibilities has never been stronger.

This Meetup group represents these changes in you and your thirst for more. You are ready for something more in life. You are ready for Spirituality to take you to that next level of happiness and self-acceptance.

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