• Jenkins in the Pub

    Edinburgh Castle Hotel

    Kurt Madel and Aaron Morrison from Cloudbees in the US will be in town next week, so we thought it was a good excuse to get together. We're not planning a formal presentation, but both Kurt and Aaron have been involved with a lot of large customers in their DevOps transformations, so it's a good opportunity to have a drink and chat with them (and the other attendees) about Jenkins, maybe put in a pitch for your favourite feature you'd like added or get some help with a challenge you're facing. Please RSVP so we get a feel for numbers. We'll be there from 6pm, just look for the tables with people wearing Jenkins shirts.

  • Introduction to Pipeline Shared Libraries

    Code Partners

    Introduction to Pipeline Shared Libraries As a continuation to the Introduction to Declarative Pipelines session, Federico Naum will introduce Pipeline Shared Libraries covering the configuration and options section, usage and modification workflow. Animal Logic has been using Jenkins for the last eight years, using the 'Pipelines' feature set for the past twelve months. He will share his experiences extending pipelines, writing and documenting global variables and scripted pipelines. No prior Jenkins Pipeline Shared Libraries knowledge is required. Before attending the session, it is highly recommended to review Malcolm Groves's Declarative Pipeline Presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R5xh4oeDg0&feature=youtu.be Who is Federico? For the last nine years Federico Naum has been working at Animal Logic as the Lead Software Toolchain Developer. He researchers, installs, configures builds and maintains developer's tools to support the Research and Development Department, as well as providing training and documentation to the rest of the company. Previously, Federico had worked for four and a half years at Motorola Software Group, as a Software Developer and Technical Leader. Mainly involved in developing tools for testing telecommunication infrastructure with a strong emphasis on software quality and industry standards such as CMM, CMMI, ISO[masked]

  • Jenkins Declarative Pipelines 101

    Code Partners

    Declarative Pipelines are one of the newer features introduced to Jenkins, which allow you to write Pipelines-as-Code without having to use Groovy. In this demo-based session, Malcolm Groves will introduce Declarative Pipelines, covering the syntax and sections, before building up more stages and steps, adding error handling, branching, and more. He'll also demonstrate some of the additional tools you can use to shorten the development and testing of your Pipelines. No prior Pipeline knowledge required! Note, the meetup will be streamed online as well, for those outside Sydney or if you can't make it in person. See here for how to register for the online version (https://www.code-partners.com/declarative-pipelines-at-jenkins-meetup-in-june/).

  • Introduction to Jenkins Blue Ocean

    Code Partners

    This month's speaker is James Dumay, Product Manager at CloudBees (https://www.cloudbees.com/), who will show us Blue Ocean; a new user experience for Jenkins based on a personalizable, modern design that allows users to graphically create, visualise and diagnose CD Pipelines. Blue Ocean is more than putting a modern face to Jenkins, it’s a complete revitalisation of the way developers use Jenkins that helps them adopt Continuous Delivery. James will take the group through all the new capabilities, tips and tricks that will make Blue Ocean work powerfully for your team. This month's meetup is hosted by Code Partners (https://www.code-partners.com/). Pizza and drinks sponsored by Cloudbees (https://www.cloudbees.com/) and Code Partners (https://www.code-partners.com/). Meetup will start from 6pm, with the presentation starting at 6:30pm.

  • Jenkins community meet and greet

    Location visible to members

    It's going to be a record breaking hot week in Sydney, lets cool off with a few drinks on Friday. CloudBees and Jenkins evangelist R. Tyler Croy is in town from San Francisco, let him buy you a drink and you can talk about your favourite plugins, beg for features, ask questions about CD and Jenkins. While we have no speakers for this event we do want speakers for future events, so drop by and feel free to propose a talk :) PS we are also looking for a regular sponsor that could help us with a venue. If you can help please let us know!