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This Meetup is for adults who are in a long-term or marital relationship with someone who has Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder). We will also welcome adults who have a parent, adult sibling or adult child with Asperger's Syndrome.

This Meetup is associated with ASPIA (Asperger Syndrome Partner Information Australia) Inc, a Sydney support group that has been providing information, validation and support to partners since 2003. We meet in Burwood (Sydney).

ASPIA has traditionally held monthly support group meetings, but from February 2020 our meetings will be every three months. See event info for dates. All meetings have a strong educational and support focus, with regular professionals providing presentations, answering questions and facilitating discussions. We have group guidelines to ensure all of our meeting and support contexts are constructive and respectful.

Our website address is https://www.aspia.org.au

By creating this Meetup we are hoping that more partners will discover this opportunity to find friends and support. Having a Meetup will also enable us to organise occasional social events between meetings for partners to have additional contact and support.

Adults with AS choose very nice partners, so when we get together, many lovely friendships form, and our meetings become essential for emotional survival. As would be assumed, most of our members are women, but we are always very glad to welcome men, and learn more about AS in females. Same-sex partners are warmly welcomed too.

Please note that we do need to charge each member an annual fee of $5.00, and this will increase to $10 from 1st January 2020. ASPIA is self-funded, with no sponsorship or gov funding, and there is a considerable subscription fee set by Meetup for us to have this account/platform.

Financial members of ASPIA are exempt from paying this annual fee. ASPIA members already pay $55 per year for access to discounts, library and facebook group. Contact ASPIA if you would like to join ASPIA Inc. Membership is only open to non-AS partners/family members.

Prior to your request being "approved", I will contact you to ascertain your name (not just your user name), and to request your joining fee be paid. You will appreciate that this group must be kept carefully managed to ensure safety for all.

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