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We believe that Startup Capital raising shouldn’t be so F’ing HARD! It’s MADNESS that 97.3% of Startups fail at fundraising. Founders shouldn’t have to feel confused and frustrated when they try to raise capital and investors shouldn’t have to waste time and money finding great Startups.

We believe every great startup, no matter their location or circumstances, should be able to raise the capital they need to accelerate (and massively scale) the solution to a big problem that could change the world. It’s time to disrupt a complex, opaque and dysfunctional finance sector that allows great Startups to struggle and fail.

Today, like many revolutions before us, we’re using technology and experts to create a movement to fast-track startup investing. We’re helping hundreds of startups accelerate their equity capital raising and thousands of investors find awesome Startup businesses.

Welcome to CapitalPitch, the world’s first capital raising accelerator!


High growth entrepreneurial firms create 72% of the revenue and 67% of the jobs in our economies and it is entrepreneurs that seek out solutions to problems and commercialise them. Innovation such as the light bulb, railway, microprocessor, internet, cochlear ear implant and mobile phone were all brought to the masses by entrepreneurs.

Throughout history it has been the innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers that have dared to create solutions to the world’s biggest problems, ignoring the naysayers and daring to risk failure in the pursuit of the impossible.

The Problem

In 2015, it is cheaper and easier than ever for those entrepreneurial risk takers to design their solutions and bring them to market.

However, a lack of Series A funds for growing businesses, known as the Series A Crunch, acts as a massive hurdle to so many exciting and viable businesses as they enter their difficult and expensive growth stage.

Over the past 3 years I’ve spent time with G20 leaders, United Nations experts, the World Bank, European & African Development Banks, B20 Business leaders, OECD, ILO, the world’s top young entrepreneurs and countless other stakeholders in order to discover the best solutions for entrepreneurial finance.

We must enable entrepreneurs to find the resources they need more easily, so they can create commercially sustainable solutions. More private sector investment must flow into ecosystems that support high growth entrepreneurial small & medium enterprises (SMEs).

We now know that the world needs a quantum leap forward in its adoption of technology and use of capital markets.

Is Crowdfunding the solution?

The emergence of crowdfunding and the power of the people has partially helped to ease this financing gap with rewards-based services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo helping to raise funds from the crowd in return for rewards and the pre-sale of products. This has provided valuable social proof for concepts that investors wouldn’t fund, such as the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset or the Form 1 3D printer.

However, for serious funding rounds traditional rewards based crowdfunding just won’t cut it. Equity crowdfunding, a new evolution of the crowdfunding model, has started to fill this gap.

Websites like Angelist and Crowdfunder.com have emerged as solutions for companies trying to raise smaller rounds, but there hasn’t been a way to raise the amount required for a high growth enterprise to cross the ravine of the Series A Crunch.

The Opportunity

The current generations of youth possess an unquenchable desire to seek out and solve social, environmental, economic and political problems. The desire exists to make massive change!

The problem is the lack of finance to support this change.

If we can ease the Series A Crunch we can enable more innovative businesses to raise capital and grow.

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