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We wanted to run a meet up for people to network, socialise and be able to share your startup interests or stories, with friends or strangers.

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Google Ads Workshop

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Have you tried running marketing campaigns on Google Ads in the past but found it too expensive? Are you struggling to find the right levers to pull in order to maximise your return on investment? Does the Google Ads interface confuse and frustrate you? If you answered yes to any of these, then this course is for you. This workshop is designed for beginners who have dabbled in Google Ads (formally Adwords) but who may have experienced challenges in navigating the platform successfully. This course is designed to help you maximise your ROI no matter what type of business you run. At our one-day workshop, you’ll receive everything you need so you can advertise on Google and get the results you need. We’ll explore: Keyword research, account structure, writing ads and conversion tracking Setting budgets, bid optimisation, audiences, and an introduction to remarketing Reporting, optimisations, and general Q&A *Note: A “Google Ads quick-start guide” will be issued prior to the workshop starting. It will be a pre-requisite that everyone who is participating in the class watches the video resources and completes the set up of their Google Ads account before class commences. The Quick-Start Guide will cover: Setting Up Your Google Ads Account The Google Ads Platform Walkthrough Keyword Match Types (Broad Match, Broad Match Modified, Phrase Match & Exact Match) How the Google Ads auction works -- This is a paid workshop. Use voucher code 'sydstartup' for $30 off your registration here: http://bit.ly/2EmBvbj --

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