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Advanced-level volleyball
Hi all. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BELOW: Unlike fun-day Sunday Volleyball which is open to all playing levels, our Saturday session is for advanced-level players only. This means you must know the basic rules, be able to serve, dig and hit at least 80% of the time (8 from 10), and that faults will be called and counted, including net-touches. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Also, we will implement a maximum number of players per net to improve the playing experience for all. We aim to have 12 players per net (6 vs 6), with a maximum of 1 rotation per side (total 14). Some weeks, we might have an extra net, so we will increase the number of spots accordingly (See "WAITLIST" below). RSVP: You MUST RSVP to this event to ensure you get a spot. If you are bringing a friend with you who is NOT on Meetup, you must add them as +1 to your own RSVP. If you have NOT RSVP-d, any available playing spot will be given to RSVP persons first and if the meetup is full, you will not be allowed to play (we must be fair to those who have RSVP'd). WAITLIST: If the RSVP is full and you are interested in coming, please join the Waitlist. If we get enough (e.g. 10 people) on the waitlist, we can setup another net and so will open up more spots. NO SHOWS: If you are on the "Going" list and can no longer make it, you MUST change your RSVP to "No" to free up your spot for others. If you are listed as "Going" and do not show up, this is a "NO SHOW". If you repeatedly do No Shows (e.g. 3 times), next time there is someone on the Waitlist, your spot will be given away. [You must finalise your RSVP by 9am on the day of the game, to give those on the waitlist a chance to see this and plan their day.] We play in Sydney Park, on the area known as The Green. The Green is located near the cafe and the children's playground. There are 3 parking lots in the park (does that sound a bit weird to you too?) The park is located across the road from St Peters train station and is on the 422 and 370 bus routes. Here's a map of where we play: Start time is 2pm with the $5 fee payable on the day. Cheers all.

Sydney Park

King St St Peters carpark on left after the two chimney stacks · Sydney

Respond by: 29/09/2018

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To play some knock about volleyball in the park on Sunday afternoons. No fixed teams, people just show up and join in where the gaps are. The main aim is fun for all.

Anyone who wants to run around madly chasing a ball in the park on Sundays. Don't need to be good, enthusiasm is all that's required.

Sydney Park in St. Peters. I've bought a net and a couple of balls and scouted a good spot in the park; near the cafe by the old chimney stacks. Basically, if you come in to the park from the King Street/Princess Highway car park you'll pass the kids playground. From there you should see us set up on the falt space just there.

Sunday afternoons. 2.00pm onwards.

How Much:
Nothing. I've bought some toys, now I need other kids to play with.

Respect for everyone. Having fun. Standard Court Volleyball rules. (OK, beach players, I can bend a bit on that last one.)

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