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This is a group of next generation technology practitioners & evangelists focussed on Building a Fast & Resilient Business online. Technologies that will help make the web become fast, reliable & secure. Participate in interactive technical discussions with Akamai & industry experts on topics that touch our everyday life at work. Why is my site slow? What trends are shaping the multi-screen web? What are the common attacks threatening my web application? How do I ensure a scalable architecture for large streaming events? How are my peers addressing similar challenges? Engage in interactive discussions with Akamai experts who bring decades of experience about everything Web - from performance & security to scalability & HD streaming. The events are free and we encourage you to join us for an evening of fun and knowledge sharing. Tell us what YOU want to hear or talk about next. Let's meet up!

Past Events

Let's Create Irresistible APIs with Kirsten Hunter
Let's talk security!

Tank Stream Labs

Web Performance Measurement 101

Akamai Technologies

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