Friday Drinks

Public group

Every week on Friday

Shark Hotel

127 Liverpool St(cnr Pitt street) · Sydney

How to find us

Tables reserved for Meetup in the BIKINI LOUNGE (inside Shark Hotel). Bikini Lounge is on the right (curtained area) just as you come upstairs. Call Hiji 0420917017 if you are lost.

Location image of event venue

What we'll do

Meet many new International and Local friends in our Friday Night Socials in Bikini Lounge, Shark Hotel. People enjoy these fun Friday nights. There will always be new people! (COMBINED GROUPS).

Friday After-work Social in our specially reserved area of Bikini Lounge combines elegance, inviting décor and tantalizing cocktails, providing an inviting, plush & decadent space.

How to get in touch: Call or text: Send a message on meetup to the organisers.

Food: Enjoy the excellent Thai cuisine in Holy Basil Restaurant or Finger foods. Good meal under $14.

Drinks: The Bikini Lounge bar would be open for us to enjoy the drinks. Beers start from $4.80.

Meetup Fee: $5.

This meetup is proudly sponsored by Choya (JAPAN).

Mingle, Meet and Enjoy the company of other professionals in elegant surroundings.


You will be asked to move around to "maximise the conversation" between the members. Every member is advised to follow the organizer to attain this goal.

THIS IS NOT A DATING MEETUP. Any member found in breach of this policy will be expelled from the group.

Terms and Conditions:

1) Seating. We have tables reserved for our group. If you cannot find them, please contact the organisers. No member is allowed to chose the seat on their own. The organising team will assign you a seat. To improve and increase the member's interaction the organisers can change your seat or move other people on your table. Due to a large number of members, at the event, we don't guarantee that you will be moved around.

2) Our aim is to give you the opportunity to interact with at least 5 members (could be male or female). These members could be from any country or any gender. You cannot chose the members to talk to. If you feel uncomfortable with a certain group please let the organisers know. The organisers will move you to a different table if they decide that you have a valid reason.

3) Asking for personal information: Our goal is to create a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for all the members. The purpose of this group is social interaction. These are not dating events. If your purpose to join the group is find date, our group is not suitable for you. There are several groups which can cater to your needs. If the organisers feel like your sole purpose is to collect Facebook (or phone numbers or any details to contact other members) we reserve the right to ban you from our event (or all future events). If the organising team see you collecting Facebook (or mobile numbers or other social contacts) you won't be allowed to carry on in the group. Based on the team's decision, you would also be banned from all future events, if you are found in breach of this rule.

4) Buying drinks: The venue is a big support for us to run this event every week. They have been top class in arranging everything for our group and every member is required to buy a drink to support venue. Even if you don't feel like buying a drink please buy a water (or something). You won't be allowed to join the event if you refuse to buy anything (food or drinks) from the venue in the first 30 min after you arrive.

5) Unsolicited approach. The purpose of this group is social networking. Before, during or after the event (or any point of time) if we find out about you making unsolicited approach to contact any member (face to face, via social networking sites or via meetup website/app), you will not be allowed to join any future events.

6) Standing around. We work hard to make members feel relaxed and comfortable by finding them a seat. You are supposed to be at your assigned seat and standing around the reserved area is not allowed (except the organising team).

7) Leaving and ending the event: On some Fridays (depends on the Organisers' plans) we would invite members for dinner after the event. This is a invitation only dinner. We will try and accommodate you for the dinner but if you are missed out we will make our best efforts to invite you next time (or future events). Please don't feel disheartned if you are not invited.

8) Drunk or intoxicated: The organisers reserve the right to expel you from our events if you are found to be drunk and behaving in a way which makes other members feel uncomfortable.

9) Using abusive language: This is a social event and we request you to not use any abusive or foul or offensive language during the course of our events.

10) Valid RSVP: A valid RSVP is a must to attend our events. The organisers have the right to not allow you entry if you do not have a valid RSVP. Your RSVP is valid only if your profile displays a clear full face picture and a clear identifiable name.

11) This group doesn't follow any religious or political views. If you are here to collect members for your religion or political party, our group is not you.

12) Event fee: $ (RSVP). The fee is $10 without RSVP.

We look forward to see you.