Maker Night @ Venture Cafe

What we'll do

Service providers and tech resources are crucial to developing great tech. Learn some tips, find some hidden gems and share your tricks to get stuff built!

Hardware Tech Services Panel: 515 - 6PM
Hardware tech development is often seen as a lonely and difficult venture, but need it be so? Across Sydney there are various services to tap-into which can support, optimise and accelerate your hardware tech idea or business - whether it be getting access to machinery to develop your first prototype, or support with integration, IP or design. Join us at Venture Café to hear from an inspiring lineup of seasoned hardware tech developers, with specialities ranging from electronics and IoT to medical devices, our experienced panel will tips and tricks and share insights on how you can tap into these services along the various stages of the growth ladder.
- Ted Esdaile-Watts, techcreators
- Tim Kannegieter or Geoff Sizer, Genesys Design
- Christopher Krainer, IDE Group