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For a while now we have been attempting to hold spiritual gender-balanced social in home nudist loving events in Sydney as no one is doing it and no one has worked out yet how to do it.

The idea is that the social-spiritual loving events be gender balanced, or more ladies than men, as some women have said they would be more comfortable with more women than men to meet other nudista ladies.

What does social spiritual loving nudist mean? For those who have studied these matters it is the liberating Asheric Magdalene precept of Eve and Adam meet the 'Lillies of the Field' and the New Commandment, love one another, not one other, and purist nakedness is honesty and leads to blessings, as every true believer woman knows and desires with all nice true believer men.

To attend such events and find other spiritual, upright and open, like-minded others is a secret unspoken desire of many which, in all honesty, many free-thinking in-home all want as a way of meeting the sort of loving people they would like to meet, naked. In fact, many have thought why not?, and really why not???

Help us achieve this dream and run such gender balanced love one another Magdalenean nudista events where nudistas can meet like-minded girls and guys they can catch up with in-home later on.

Please support our goal to have true believer gender-balanced in home nudista social munchies parties and events in Sydney.

It's a great way to meet many other like-minded other nudistas you can have as loving nudist friends.

New hosts with suitable or passable premises are wanted to occasionally host an event. Your premises do not need to be absolutely perfect and wonderful. We are just plaesed that you offer.

In the interests of balance, each man wishing to attend must be accompanied by at least one lady. That way we achieve gender balance.

Men are not to initiate any sexual advances upon the women unless invited. Ladies have no such restrictions.

New lady organizers are currently wanted to organize the events and run the club. If you are female and are happy to help run the club please contact me, David on 8214 8397 or 0419 605 365.

A form of financial remuneration for lady co-organizers is available.

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