Regular Tuesday Social Night -- Culture/Language Exchange

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Sydney Language Exchange (SLE)
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Hi Everyone,

As usual, let's get together on Tuesday to have mingle and exchange language and culture.

This event used to be all about language learning. However, we realize that language is just the carrier of culture. If you would like to master some languages, there is nothing more you can do than appreciating their culture first. For this event, we do not have any particular topics. Socializing and mingling with people is the only purpose! We expect over 100 people every week.

We also welcome members from O Me! O Life!, Sydney Fun Indoor Outdoor Activities, Sydney Food Explorers, Sydney Japanese Association, International Friends meetup and our friends from Couch Surfing.

We provide this opportunity for all passionate and enthusiastic people who loves to learn something different from what they already know, who likes to share their own experience and story to the others.

Keep in mind, this is not a dating event. There is plenty of other meetup groups catering for this very purpose. Please be respectful of others and understand that people are not here to find a partner. Ladies be ladies, gents please be gentleman. If someone is not behaving appropriately, please talk to an organiser immediately.

This meetup is free and a privilege, not a right. We, as organisers, are granted the responsibility of trying to keep this meetup enjoyable. We have the right, and will exercise the power, to kick and ban any offenders without prior warning.

If at any point during the meetup, you have any question, suggestion or need help with something, please feel free to come and talk to us [Evangeline/Dominic] or speak to one of my co-hosts.

If you're planning on attending, please do us a favour and RSVP. We do not limit the number of RSVPs but it is a contributing factor to the success of this event.

Organising this group is not expensive but is not free... please help us to cover the incurring expenses using the Donation Box/Jar at the first long table in front of the bar [More information here] (


Evangeline, Dominic, Malin, Nicolas, and Shinya

[NOTE: this is NOT a DATING meetup and if you are found to be coming for the sole purpose of picking up a mate, you will be expelled and banned from the group.]

*PS: The Shark Hotel is a really nice venue centrally located in the heart of the city, offers a selection of $4.50 drinks and includes a pretty good Thai restaurant. This is NOT a BYO, it is not allowed to consume food or drinks from outside.

**Valid ID required - driving licence, photo card or passport: This requirement is a New South Wales Alcohol Regulation Law that requires anyone inside this establishment to be able to produce a valid ID.

By RSVP to any of our meetups, you agree to and abide by Sydney Language Exchange terms and conditions which you can view [here (].