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Have you been tormented with an incredible idea, a goal, a habit, a shift that you just 'need to nail' this year?! Do you want to write that book, release those kilos, start a new business, end a toxic relationship, attain self mastery, earn more, change jobs, MAKE 2015 ROCK! Then this course is for you! This REALLY REALLY exciting systematic, experiential and supportive 10 week workshop, will provide you with concrete tools, support, practical guidance, self awareness, identify blocks/resistance, and creative ways to bring YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY!

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Hey all Time to Shiners! As part of my ULTIMATE VISION this year, to add as much value to your life as I can, I am offering a free COACHING STRATEGY SESSION to all this wonderful group of inspired people! Often we talk about 'finding your life's purpose'...That is a BIG Question! Perhaps what is more meaningful is to ask yourself, "What is the purpose of my NEXT CHAPTER?" Is your chapter about deepening the connections with your Partner, with your kids? Is it about your Career fulfillment, is it about your own personal growth and development (spending time working on yourself, your spirituality and health? Is it getting to your ideal weight so you can create energy and vitality to engage in other meaningful things? To get financially independent, to let go of habits that don't serve you anymore. Is it to learn what you are really capable of via taking on new challenges? Is it to share and contribute your knowledge, wisdom and skill. To enrich your life through travel, or write a book to share your unique knowledge or skill? Or just simply, Be happy! Spending conscious time thinking, exploring, discovering what you really want in these next 1, 3,5 years will be one of the most important things you decide to do this year. By creating a clear outcome, a plan and strategy to make those things happen for you, will set your day, your week your month, your quarter, your year up to be doing the things that will be in alignment with your Ultimate vision, for this chapter of your life. So so soooo much better than aimlessly hoping, wishing, dreaming about what you want, then lamenting 5 years down the track that it never happened! You can schedule in your complimentary Coaching session by using the link for 30 minute strategy session: https://shineultimatecoaching.acuityscheduling.com/ Or you can contact me directly on[masked] or email [masked] Look forward to helping you get clear on what you want your next Chapter in life to be about! Much respect, Maryan Raise your standards, change your life! Inspire others to do the same!

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