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Spiritual heart chi. If you are interested in spiritual development, improving intuition or increasing your energy flow don't miss out on these unique and dynamic meetups. We have class group park meetings where we will do activities where you will interact, learn and share your knowledge/experiences rather than just follow some ones movements.

We start with tai chi based exercises used to achieve balance and energy flow by covering the 5 elements - fire (passion) , water (flow) , earth (grounding) , metal (strength) and wood (flexibility) and how they interact with each other.

The second part of the meetup uses the principle of Sung - when the body relaxes the mind relaxes. We train our body to train our mind. If our body knows how to deal with conflict our mind will. We can redirect conflict, mirror it, resist it, surrender to it, absorb it, challenge it or return it. Through repetition and doing activities to simulate realistic scenarios we can develop skills to deal with conflict. We examine our fears in a practical way. This is an excellent addition to meditation practises or energy healing work. We work on emotional blockages in our body hat can allow for a deeper state of meditation.

Thirdly, we do intuition exercises to connect with our sixth sense and self healing abilities.

All members are welcome to participate and make suggestions. We will pick certain topics and have discussions, workshops and practise session to build on these.

All are welcome.

Past Events

Bushwalking, tai chi , 5 element theory

Lane Cove National Park

Energy of Chi & Nature plus high energy field

Lane Cove National Park

Tai Chi plus bush walk - energy of nature

Lane Cove National Park

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