Take Charge of Your Life now

Take Charge of Your Life, your happiness is your choice!
Take Charge of Your Life, your happiness is your choice!
Public group


Every 3rd Thursday of the month

Above Stuzzichino Cafe

Level1/169 Lygon St · Carlton

How to find us

Take any tram along Swanston St to Lincoln Sqr. Walk along Pelham St to Argyle Sqr, then walk diagonally across it towards Argyle St Nth. Enter the door next to Stuzzichino Cafe, for drivers there is parking in Arglye St Nth.

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What we'll do

What if you could take charge of your life and feel empowered yet accepting within yourself regardless of what happens around you?

Would it be good if you had a powerful tool that can resolve conflicts and stress effectively in your day to day life?

What if you could make better choices in getting along with people in your life and have successful satisfying relationships with those who are important to you, such as your family, partner, children, friends and so on?

How would your life be different if you felt completely in charge of your life despite what happens around you and had the power to resolve conflicts and stressful situations effectively without that dragging miserable feeling?

This Meetup group, "Take Charge of Your Life, your happiness is your choice", provides you with the information and practical tools that make all the above come true! The information is based on Choice theory psychology which proposes that we are all capable of leading our lives more effectively by self-evaluating the behaviours we choose in our everyday life. By doing so, we become more aware of why we do things in the way we do and this awareness leads to having a greater sense of control and the ability to take charge of our own behaviour.

We also begin to understand that we are not controlled by external events but instead we are motivated completely by forces inside ourselves and that all of what we do is our attempt to have control in our lives. This new understanding gives you the power and freedom to make more effective choices in your life and to create and lead the life that you want to live.

Pop in, come along, let’s have fun and stimulating session together!

Things you need to know

The meeting is held above Stuzzichino Cafe in Lygon St Carlton. There is no fee as we do not charge for our time, but we do ask for a donation to cover costs. Please give whatever you can afford so we can continue running this group.

See you there Akari and Jeff