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Do you feel like you should be happy… but something’s missing? That you’ve ‘ticked all the boxes’ in life: marriage, kids, career, home… but you still think: ‘OK, what now? I’ve collected all the pieces of the Game of Life. Why don’t I feel fulfilled?’ Perhaps you’ve spent all your time busy ‘doing’, and have never stopped to ask yourself what you really want from your days on this Earth. So now you’re standing in a life filled with ‘all the right things’… and it’s not enough. This feeling is perfectly normal. And you’re not alone (far from it). The question is: Are you ready to connect with who you truly are, and start creating the life you really want? If your answer is YES, you’re invited to join us at this life changing event. On this incredible day, you’ll take the first steps on the journey of rediscovering your extraordinary self and understanding your life’s purpose. Hosted by two of Australia’s most highly successful and respected coaches John Sharkey and Mary Anne Hunt, Awaken Your Life’s Potential will illuminate your path to a new life of passion and purpose. Make 2016 the year you recalibrate your internal compass to True YOU.

Past Events

Taking You from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Abbotsford Convent 1 St Heliers St. Abbotsford Melbourne 3067

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