Connection Circle

The Connection Circle 2019
The Connection Circle 2019
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What we'll do

Im opening up spaces for my next connection circle group in 2019.

Live in Brisbane?

I am opening spaces in my mixed men's & women's group ✏ ✏ ** Group kicks of again in January 2019!

This group follows on from my Art of connection workshop( watch video below) and is for people looking to do a deeper level of Personal work that is highly relational and focused on deeper awareness and understanding of who you are and how you operate!

Here's a little about the group work:

This is a Theraputically facilitated group, for those who are interested in developing more self-awareness & connection with themselves & others in a safe & supportive environment.

✅ If you are craving connection with people who are interested in authenticity and want to learn how to develop genuine relationships whilst gaining more self-awareness about yourself in the process this group is for you!

✅ If you are wanting to live more fully from your heart, and get less caught up in your head we need to talk!

✅ If you are wanting to sort through some “issues”’ (because yes, we all have challenges! ) with accountability so that you can live a more rich, vibrant and meaningful life, I got you!

✅ If you are ready to step forward & share in an honest and open way in a judgement free zone, amongst others on their own journey this is the place.

>Group sessions are run fortnightly over 6 months. Cost is $45 per session

If this resonates with you check out👇
& read about the connection circle or READ the ABOUT section in meetup.


Please send me a message if you are interested in being considered for this group.