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Deep Forest: Touch and Embodiment Ritual (Paired w/ any gender)
This extended, deepened version of ‘The Forest’ is only for people that have already done ‘The Forest’ in its normal, introductory form. If you’ve done The Forest, you already know what a special and interesting ritual it can be. Deep Forest is for when you’re ready to go deeper into the forest. We will begin by greeting each other, and reviewing boundary-setting and communication protocols. Without a great deal of delay, we will then enter deeply into the forest, allowing ourselves more latitude for adventure and expression, since we’ve been here before, and have a certain amount of familiarity now. If a safe-word is used in The Forest, will it be heard? ...Yes - just like nature intended! Along with all of the other sounds one might hear amongst the old-growth. The workshop includes debriefing and discussion. As always, you set the limits of your experience according to what is right for you. Although venturing into the Deep Forest allows a wider range of experiences, there is no pressure or expectation on you to even participate at all. See full details of this event at If you're interested in this workshop you may want to check out The Forest: Touch & Embodiment Ritual (the prerequisite), Fun Little Sex Games, and the Curiosity workshop and play-space. See all Melbourne workshops at ABOUT CURIOUS CREATURES Curious Creatures believe in sexual empowerment, self-development, community, consent, and communication. We pursue these aims by running workshops, producing a podcast ('Curious Conversations About Sex'), hosting events, speaking publicly, and writing about topics close to our hearts. Find out more about us, and check out our other workshops: You’re going to love our podcast: ABOUT THE FACILITATOR Roger Butler is the driving force behind Curious Creatures, along with some very special co-facilitators. Roger Butler was brought up white, middle-class, mostly heterosexual, and male. In addition to that lineage, they now identifies as kinky, tantric, polyamorous, queer, and very, very curious. Their training is in Process Oriented Psychology and the facilitation of groups, coupled with an extensive education in sexuality. Rog has been creating and facilitating Curious Creatures sexuality workshops for six years. Prior to this they facilitated well over a thousand workshops across various industries. They're easily one of Australia's most prolific sexuality workshop facilitators. TICKETS, LOGISTICS, LATE POLICY Tickets are released in ‘rounds’, where ‘round one’ tickets are cheaper, to encourage you to book in early. There is no other difference between the ‘rounds’ of tickets. For this workshop, tickets range in price from $50 to $75. It is never possible to buy tickets on the door, nor by paying with cash. See our FAQ for more information on this: You must BOOK TICKETS: BRING: A water bottle, and any snacks you might need.

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Curious Creatures believes in a world where personal empowerment, sexual freedom, diversity of expression, and spectacularly good communication skills are the norm. We welcome those who are curious to discover, explore and cultivate their connection to their sexuality in a positive, encouraging environment.

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We were birthed in Melbourne, but are now expanding throughout Australia!

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