DDT 4.0

What we'll do

The fourth Digital Designer's Toolbox is next week!

Featuring talks from Xavier Ho and Cade Diehm, with the usual hearty feed from Rita's and drinks from Sample Brewery, thanks to our sponsors Common Code (http://commoncode.com.au).

Xavier Ho: "Conveying Pollution through Smoke and Fire"

Communicating science can be a burning task. Smoke and Fire (https://research.csiro.au/static/airquality/smoke-and-fire/) was originally developed for the Clean Air Australia and New Zealand conference to spark conversations with policy makers. Being well-received, it now lives in a website form, and open-sourced to the public on Github.
In this talk Xavier will take a journey through the process to approaching Smoke and Fire's design, and highlight the challenges that were overcome and are still in place. You will take away some knowledge about computer graphics on the web, design techniques in data visualisation, and hopefully be more aware about air pollution in Australia.

Bio: Xavier is a curiosity-driven designer, researcher and software engineer. He currently works for CSIRO creating interactive data visualisations. Pursuing a PhD part-time at University of Sydney keeps him busy, and a passion in the spectrum of chocolates, video games, and a better world.

Cade Diehm: "Nervous Design - Building Trust Into Interfaces"

From web browsers to Whatsapp, product teams ask their users to trust their software implicitly, hiding the rules and systems they use to secure or instil trust in their apps. This talk is a showcase of design experiments that explore using traditionally user-hostile security and privacy demands as tools in a designer’s toolkit, and an advocacy of building projects that ask – rather than demand – a user’s trust.

Bio: Cade is a designer & researcher who focuses on emergent technology, privacy, user empowerment, computer art and expression of the self. He has led projects in Australia, Singapore, Japan and the US. His practice is forged in socially conscious, sensitive and humane design, creating work that helps others embrace the joy of the electric world.

See you then!