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The Apple which stole my heart & inspired the start of many Foodie Adventures :)

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Hello Foodie Adventurers,

There are many food quotes which reference 'Apples'... but this version of My Apple Story, is the story of OUR humble foodie beginnings, before 'day dot' first began for the Foodie Adventurers Meetup...

My Story is called

The Apple which stole my heart and inspired the start of many Foodie Adventures :)

Every great story starts with Tragedy, a Twist of Fate, dare i say an 'Intervention?' and Food Glorious Food of course. :)

My Fate with The Big Apple

I took a couple months off work in early 2014, when my Grandma was first diagnosed with terminal cancer. The beginning of this story, started with a Family Tragedy and The Big C.

I wasn't working at the time. It was a random twist of fate, which brought me to 'The Big Apple' one day. I had just signed up that morning to a free talk at the Apple Store. I happened to be the girl sitting in the front row...

The Apple Store had invited General Assembly to speak about 'Online Communities'. Yes, this Apple did steal my heart that day, with some inspired story telling about 'People' and 'Building Communities'.

Then came the "Intervention"

Feeling excited, inspired and passionate about a new cause (which was NOT the Big C)... the next day, i decided i wanted to start my own online community.

Then came the "Foodie Intervention" from my friend Kelly... If i'm going to run a group, she said it had to be about FOOD!!

To be honest, the idea of running my own food group always exhausted me. I knew there was so much work involved. It was easier to just say NO.

In hindsight, it would have taken me thousands of hours to get to this stage, where i am writing this story about a Simple Apple. Irony has become reality. How time flies when it comes to food...

Hmmm... is this what foodie fate had intended for my next trip to the Big Apple?? ;)

Yes, apparently so.... the next day i wrote my first story about Food and People.

"Sharing a bottle of wine and food with a bunch of strangers, swapping stories of the good old days.... by the end of the night, you will feel like part of the neighbourhood.

Strangers have become neighbours, neighbours have become friends. It's like you have known each other for a long time."

The name of this Meetup Group was easy to decide. To me, food without adventure, would be a boring life! Hence, how we got our name THE FOODIE ADVENTURERS. :)

Then came our world foodie travels, via the Where in the World are we Eating series

The background:

Followed by the celebration of our Happy 200th Foodie event on the 21st of November 2015.

The 200th Event Photos:

200th Time Capsule:

Our Foodie Adventures reached EPIC new heights on the 30th of October 2016, when we celebrated our epic 300th event.

The 300th Event Photos:

300th Time Capsule:

Foodie Adventurer's 3 Year Anniversary Dinner at Mr Wongs on the 11th of March 2017.

3 Year Anniversary Photos -

"The Apple which stole my heart and inspired the start of many Foodie Adventures" is a personal journey. It was the beginning and the end for this Foodie... :)

How do you like them Apples?

Every time i walk past the Apple Store, i feel a bit sentimental. In a twist of fate, FOOD found me in the form of an 'Apple'. :)

Nowadays, you will see me with my Trusty iPhone 6 taking happy snaps of food at our many dinners. Thanks to 'The Apple', food photography is something that i love to do.

Food Photography

Japanese food is my favourite cuisine. These photos were taken on the fly with my iPhone 6, during my Japanese Foodie Adventures at Sokyo, Sake and Japaz.

Sokyo Breakfast - Apple Juice served in Tokkuri Sake Flasks

Sokyo Breakfast - Spicy Salmon Udon

White miso roasted salmon, onsen tomago, crab, wakame, enoki, udon noodles, spicy miso dashi.

Sake Restaurant - Gindara saikyo-yaki caramalised | miso marinated “Glacier 51” toothfish

Japaz Restaurant - Edamame Beans

Japaz Restaurant - Grilled Caramelised Scallops with butter

Sake Restaurant - Master kobe confit of wagyu | wagyu croquettes | braised spinach shiitake mushrooms | teriyaki | anticucho sauce

Sake Restaurant - Sashimi tacos tuna | salmon sashimi filled baby tacos | chilled tomato salsa | kozaemon junmai ‘sake shots’

Nowadays, when i think of the Big C, i think of a BIG COMMUNITY WITH LOTS OF FOOD. Sharing is caring. :)

Thank you for coming along on this foodie adventure with me.




The Feel Good Foodie Factor Community Board

Foodie Inspiration goes a long way.... Every day is a new Adventure, especially when it comes to discovering Food in Sydney.

The Foodie Adventurers would not be the same, without a Supportive Foodie Community... here are some easy tips, on how your can make a difference within your own Foodie Community.

Community Spirit

The Foodie Adventurer's have a lot of community spirit. We are the foodie community, that helps the community. :)

We are a diverse bunch of foodies, who have a passion for food... It's the 'feel good' foodie factor, that makes this meetup group special.

I've set up this community notice board, as an ideas board. (this is not an event). It's a great way to unite fellow foodie wanabees, foodie lovers and foodie connoisseurs like yourself, to help support the wider Foodie Community.

There are some really simple things you can do to help. It only takes a couple seconds or minutes to make a big difference in the Foodie Community. Your help is much appreciated. :)

What can i do to contribute to the Foodie Adventurer's "Internal Foodie Community"?

By adding some STARS, bringing the right money to events, showing up on time, updating your RSVP status or signing up to community food festival events... Every bit helps in the foodie community.

Volunteering 10 seconds of your time...

The Meetup website have a function to 'Like' comments on the event message boards. Show your support, by adding a thumbs up to member comments, by clicking on the 'like' button.

Volunteering 30 seconds of your time...

When an event has finished, its a great time to show your support, by adding some STARS to the event board.

It only takes 30 seconds of your time, to add some STARS. STAR ratings have a great 'feel good' foodie factor. The events that rate the most stars, are the ones that get repeated again. Sharing is caring. :)

Volunteering 2 minutes of your time...

If you can no longer make an event, please be considerate and update your RSVP ASAP. Also, it would be great if you could post up a comment on the event board. It gives an opportunity for the people on the waitlist to RSVP to a spot.

The Risks & Commitments in a Nutshell:

Volunteering 4 minutes of your time...

Check the event board before an event, for the latest event details. Plan your trip and transport. Aim to be on time or arrive earlier to dinner, if you know you are the type to get lost or late.

Sydney Transport Link:

Volunteering 5 minutes of your time...

Contribute a story on the 'Group Reviews'. By sharing your story with others, it has the 'feel good effect' of encouraging people to try an event. It's not easy going to your first event solo. A bit of confidence in the group, goes a long way in building positive experiences for fellow foodies like yourself. :)

Feel free to post up some foodie photos. Here's one that Vikki posted up after the Korean Bbq, for some creative inspiration. :)

How can i support the "External Local Community"?

Throughout the year, i'm going to be posting up foodie festival events.

- Look out through out the year for community foodie festival events. The Foodie Adventurers help support local festivals including Sydney Festival, Chinese New Year Lunar Feasts and Good Food Month in October. Be part of the action, and RSVP to a foodie festival dinner.

- I'm going to be hosting some events, where we visit local Charities like the Salvation Army, Vinnies & Lifeline to donate goods to charity. It's a great chance to spring clean your house and donate these goods to charities.

Everything you buy or donate inspires change in your local community.

Small contributions of your time, make a big difference. It helps builds friendships, adds to the creativity of foodie events... and has the 'feel good foodie factor', that keeps on giving.



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