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The simple list of ‘why, how, who and when’ should always begin every conversation in relation to valid design solutions.
The Glue Sessions believe in the importance of bringing a deeper understanding of the intellectual and theoretical power of communication design, via the blending of design theory and the discussion of design philosophy, practicing visual communicators and graphic designers will gain additional insights into the quality of their design solutions in this saturated modern world.
Ultimately, The Glue Sessions are an inward looking activity that is expressed outwardly.

At The Glue Sessions, you will :
• Recognize, revisit and expand on fundamental design principles,
while integrating other essential disciplines such as sociology and psychology into the design discussion.
• Develop critical thinking in relation to problem solving.
• Expand your design vocabulary to enrich your articulation of the design problem and solution and finally, your presentation skills.
• Develop a deeper understanding of the importance of semiotics within visual communication.

Potential direct results from attending The Glue Sessions:
• Facilitate clarity and enthusiasm in relation to visual communication within each of the participants;
• Gain new knowledge that compliments the participant’s existing knowledge (theoretical and experienced based);
• Develop new insights in (as yet) unknown areas of design theory and practices, such as semiotics (this excludes any computer based techniques).
• Enhance a new way of perceiving a problem and developing new solution protocols.
• Speak the language of educated visual communication and thus heighten your chance of employment and design opportunities.

The Glue Sessions are for you if:
• You are a practicing designer who want to deliver mature, yet explorative or experimental typography, publication design, and identity and brand development solutions and proposals.
• You recognise the importance of aesthetics, and the social sciences such as sociology and semiotics within visual communications.
• You have a design qualification of at least a Certificate 4 Visual Communication.
• Your design proposals feel weak or unrefined in concept.
• You want to deliver and present projects with confidence stemming from deeper understanding of design in general and your work more specifically.
• You need to build on your career progress thus far and open new doors for design opportunities.

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