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The Joy of Accusations
This workshop is about transforming accusations from something we fear or have difficulty responding to, to something that can trigger personal growth and positive change. Most of our enduring relationships - with lovers, friends, family members, or coworkers - will eventually involve conflict. One person will level an accusation at another, often triggering a defensive response. Sometimes accusations are overt but mostly they are implied. Occasionally they can be well-received, but more often they go down badly. Our culture, education and upbringing seldom give us the skills to work positively with accusations. This is a great loss. Both accusations that are directed at us, and ones that we direct at others (even if they are never spoken aloud) provide an opportunity for learning and personal growth. So many of our desires - becoming a better person, doing more of what we want to do in the world, having more meaningful relationships - can be achieved through approaching accusations differently. This workshop is about transforming accusations from something we fear or have difficulty responding to, to something that can trigger personal growth and positive change. In this workshop you will be given powerful, reusable tools that will help you alter the nature of almost all future conflicts. The workshop is a mix of theory, discussion and a really juicy exercise. It will appeal to you if you want to learn more about yourself and your relationships. It is likely you will leave lighter and more confident than you arrived, and you will have a deeper understanding and sense of peace around at least one relationship conflict. Please note that this is substantially inner-work (and some small group sharing); it does not involve live conflict resolution work between two or more people. Workshop handouts include a detailed exercise you can practice by yourself, or with a friend / colleague / partner. See full details of this event at If you're interested in this workshop you may want to check out Playing with your Power (on accessing your power, rank, and privilege). See all Melbourne workshops at ABOUT CURIOUS CREATURES Curious Creatures believe in sexual empowerment, self-development, community, consent, and communication. We pursue these aims by running workshops, producing a podcast ('Curious Conversations About Sex'), hosting events, speaking publicly, and writing about topics close to our hearts. Find out more about us, and check out our other workshops: You’re going to love our podcast: TICKETS, LOGISTICS, LATE POLICY Tickets are released in ‘rounds’, where ‘round one’ tickets are cheaper, to encourage you to book in early. There is no other difference between the ‘rounds’ of tickets. For this workshop, tickets range in price from $55 to $90. It is never possible to buy tickets on the door, nor by paying with cash. See our FAQ for more information on this: You must BOOK TICKETS: BRING: Water bottle, your own snacks. PLEASE NOTE: We advertise our events many places and always have many more people booked in then you see here.

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    • What else is possible in Human Relating?
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