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We would love you to join us for one of our gala monthly group meditations in both Brisbane and Gold Coast with over 200 people in attendance or one of our weekly Meditation and Trance channelling sessions here on the Gold Coast.

We also host, spiritual development workshops and special events.

I am privileged to call as my close friends some of the Gold Coasts and Brisbane best psychics, mediums, healers, meditation facilitators as well as practitioners in many alternative medicines. We are linked to many of the spiritual churches here on the Gold Coast and Brisbane


Join Cameron and Lyza a Gold Coast Based Spiritual Healer on a Meditation journey of self discovery, of personal re connection to your inner most source of joy and peace. Lyza has spent her life on a journey through multiple personal trials and self healing that has led her to create a powerful process for self discovery through healings, meditation and experiential workshops that Re~Awake, Re~Connect, Re~Store, & Re~Energize


Each Wednesday night is made up of meditation and Lyza channelling as a trance medium. Originally Lyza only let her healing guides work through her forearms, hands and heart. She listens to them as she speaks with her clients. Sometimes she is given just one word to say that will create a massive shift within the client, releasing years of grief. Now she also sits and relaxes, allowing them to speak through her, allowing them to absorb past her hands and forearms, into her body, pineal gland and throat. They use her third eye for sight and communication, and her throat for expression. It is an exciting, healing and learning process for everyone involved. Take the time and watch some of the videos on youtube.

PS We love to entertain and have fun

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The Developing Man ~ GC Mens Group...

New Home of the Infinite Connection


Join us Wednesday, December 11, 2019 (held monthly) to share our knowledge and life journeys, offering each of us tools to take away and use in your own life…. gaining understandings about spirituality, relationships, health, vitality, sex, career, awareness….. and more. REAL MEN? Woo Woo or Wise? When we men think of meditation, mens groups and spiritual growth, there’s a risk it will be seen as ‘woo-woo,’ or ‘flaky.’ Essentially, ‘being spiritual’ means connecting with your OWN wisdom, your OWN strength and your OWN truth. This is what we will explore in a practical and everyday way, with those of you who are interested in wanting more out of life.” The mantra of our Gold Coast Mens Group is I am fully responsible for everything I feel and I am totally accountable for everything I do .

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The Developing Man ~ GC Mens Group...

New Home of the Infinite Connection


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