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Healing Meditation with Vani
Join Vani each week for this healing meditation. This is a guided meditation tailored to suit the needs of the group each week and includes chanting and pranayama. Expect to experience stress relief, physical and emotional healing, deep peace and joy. Come along and connect with community - we look forward to seeing you. Cost: Suggested donation $10 Vani offers healing and mentoring for your Body, Mind, Spirit. She is a fully qualified complementary therapist (energy healing and prana colour therapy), Meditation facilitator, Spiritual mentor and Counsellor For booking and address details contact Vani[masked] or by email [masked]


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‘Shanti’ is a word for peace in the ancient language of Sanskrit. At Shanti Mission, we feel that humanity has the capacity to create peace on Earth, and we want to do everything we can to help it! We believe this begins with each individual learning how to experience and be peace in every area of his or her life. Our courses, seminars, meditations and programs provide profound, practical tools to help you to create peace in your experience both at work and at home, and to take peace everywhere you go. As more and more people live peace in this way, peace begins to spread and ripple out into the world. Through cultivating inner peace, you are open to more purpose, abundance, love and joy than ever before!
The Shanti Mission approach to spirituality is exciting and new, like a breath of fresh air. We are an open, diverse and inclusive community and we think that spirituality should be fun!

We believe spiritual education and training should go beyond theory and ideas and be highly practical and useful; stuff we can get our teeth into and ground in our lives to make real changes both personally and interpersonally. Our world-class seminars help you to understand important (and intriguing) spiritual concepts, while also teaching practical tools and techniques that have helped thousands to create happier and more peaceful lives. The delight of the ‘ah-ha!’ moment of learning is matched with the satisfaction of real transformation.

Another key hallmark of the Shanti Mission philosophy is that we are into diversity. We strongly believe that everyone has a unique spiritual path, which is not the same as anyone else’s. Our introductory courses and seminars, such as the Path of Ease and Grace (https://www.shantimission.org/path-of-ease-grace-seminars/), are designed to help you ‘awaken’ and discover your unique path and purpose. Once this happens, many people decide to continue studying with us, through Shanti Mission’s Self-Realisation Program (https://www.shantimission.org/self-realisation-training-programs/). For others, when the divine spark is ignited, it helps them discover a different spiritual path that meets the needs of their spirit. Either way, we’re happy! We are a school for the soul dedicated to helping people create more peace in their lives, regardless of whether they want to study with us for a lifetime or just a few months.

For any queries about the Melbourne Shanti Mission community and events, please contact us via email melbourne@shantimission.org or visit us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shanti-Mission-Harmony-Centre-Melbourne/255660361138912) or http://www.shantimission.org .



Monthly Sunday Satsang is a combination of group chanting, guided meditation, purification practices and spiritual teaching. Participants receive group healing as well as instruction on practical ways to deal with challenging life circumstances. There are opportunities to socialise, ask questions and to hear inspiring words. Those who attend regularly find that their lives improve remarkably and their understanding of Divine Law comes to life in an unfolding self realisation.

Weekly Meditations all are welcome to join our weekly divine healing meditations. The focus is on spiritual advancement through deepening of soul connection to bring more love, peace and joy into your daily life. Healing and purification of your energy anatomy will result in a stronger and healthier physical self, with energy activations giving you a lift and positive change for the week ahead. Manifest your desires, improve your relationships and experience the Divine you! Currently offering weekly meditations online.

Please see calendar for more details on our next weekly meditations.

Workshops, Seminars & Mentoring we offer the Path of Ease & Grace seminars. The Path of Ease and Grace is the spiritual education program, filled with life and fun, designed by Shakti Durga.

The entry point for studying in Shanti Mission is the 9 foundational seminars designed to provide the essential life skills and spiritual tools needed to foster spiritual development, inner healing, and personal transformation.

These seminars are designed to help you create a life of “ease and grace” resulting in an experience of more happiness and joy. In addition, many people have reported that this seminar series has helped them to unlock or discover their true and unique purpose in life.

They are appropriate for people of any faith or spiritual background, and are suitable for people of any level of spiritual understanding or practice. You’ll learn about key spiritual concepts such as karma, manifesting and creating abundance, past lives, souls, chakras and your energy body.

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy (https://www.shantimission.org/ignite-your-spirit-therapy/) is energetic healing and spiritual counseling combined in a highly effective methodology for helping people with physical, mental emotional and spiritual issues. The objective is to release old stale energy and to add fresh vital energy to bring healing, wellbeing, self-empowerment and inner peace.

After filling out a form setting out your history and what you want from the consultation, you sit fully clothed on a chair while your therapist scans your energy field, reading where strengths and weaknesses exist in the anatomy of your spirit. Healings take about 45 minutes for initial and long consultations. Interim healings for specific physical or psychological problems may take between 15 and 30 minutes depending upon the complexity of the condition. The number of healings needed depends upon the rapidity of response in your energy field.

The aim is to help strengthen the robustness of the body’s own healing power, as well as to re-ignite the spirit in those who have been stressed, run down or who are feeling lost or dissatisfied. This therapy can be used also to help with relationships and to solve complex and long standing interpersonal issues and problems.

IYS therapy is safe, and effective in most cases to bring about substantial positive changes. You do not need to believe in energy healing to benefit from it.

As with any medication or healing methodology, IYS therapy may not work for everyone however it works in the majority of cases. In rare situations healing will be ineffective on account of there being insufficient karmic grace to receive healing. In such cases your therapist will recommend a course of action to create grace, generally involving forgiveness, helping others or supporting those who are in need. When this occurs, any kind of healing will be more effective.

We prefer to work in conjunction with your mainstream medical team and provide supportive assistance to speed recovery, boost immunity, reduce complications, substantially reduce pain and boost resilience as well as a sense of personal empowerment on your healing journey.

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