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Prototyping is powerful. It is a very efficient method to communicate an idea or concept. More importantly: It allows you to validate your assumptions fast.

For this meetup we will invite speakers from various fields to share their experience, dive into prototyping tools and discuss new developments in the field of digital product design. Together, we want to inspire each-other on using prototyping to create better (digital) products.

7th of February
The first edition of the Power of Prototyping meetup will focus on incorporating prototyping in the design process.

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The Power of Prototyping Meetup: The First Edition

We would like to welcome you to the very first edition of the Power of Prototyping meetup Prototyping is more important than ever in digital product design and has proven to be of great value in validating your assumptions, as well as being a strong way to communicate an idea or concept. We noticed it's time to create a Meetup for this topic. The first edition we will cover diverse topics within the spectrum of prototyping, and there will be plenty of time to socialize and exchange ideas. Food and drinks included. 17:30 | Walk-in 17:50 | Intro Meetup by Hike One 18:00 | Why prototyping isn’t about prototypes - Martijn Pillich, Strategist at Hike One 18:30 | Break 18:45 | Plug & Play IOT prototyping - Niels Stamhuis, Managing Director at Dent IOT 19:15 | The future of design - Addison Schultz & Guillermo Blanco from Framer 19:45 | Borrel 21:00 | End of the meetup

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