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The Social Exclusive is a group for awesome-inspiring-wonderful individuals living in Sydney between the ages of 20 years old - 35 years old who want to meet other bright and magnificent people whilst having a great time.

Entry to this group is only by invitation or by acceptance by the organizers.

What this group will stand for and aim for between members:

-An environment to build solid friendships, i.e real friends (no let's-meet-them-once-and-never-see-you-again bullshit)

-An environment free of creepy stalkers and weirdos (we will do our best to filter them out, but its up to you to let us know if anyone has slipped through the cracks)

-An environment where you get to meet friendly, funny and engaging individuals.

To qualify for this group you have to be able to

a) Smile :)

b) Make a conscious effort to engage in conversation and fun activities

c) Have respect for all types of people, regardless of their background, religion and ethnicity.

d) Not just be a number in the group total. Be active, shout out suggestions, become an event host etc.

e) Have a good command of the English language

Entry is denied when or getting banned from this group occurs when you are:

a) Ignorant for not reading any of the above and breaking one of the points above

b) Being rude and disrespectful

c) Dormant for more than 6 months

To those who think they make the cut, we bid you welcome!

-Be active and open with engaging in new, upcoming and potential meetups (Dormant members will get the boot)

Activities that we will host include but are not limited to are:

- Dinners (Table for 6, Group Dinners, Social Dinners)

-Camping Trips

-Adventures ( Laser Tag, Bowling,Paint balling, Hiking, Mountain Climbing and Rock Climbing, Day Trips)

-Movie watching

-Lunches, Cafe Chilling, Beach eats!

-Dancing & Clubbing

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